Beginner DJ Tip for an inexpensive light show with the Jam Packs with Nick Airriess on #DJNTV

Beginner DJ Tip for an inexpensive light show with the Jam Packs with Nick Airriess on #DJNTV

Nick Airriess joins John Young on this special Sunday Night Lighting Chat talking about a great option for beginner DJ’s lighting needs.

JAM Pack™ Silver offers a quick and easy way to get the party started. This pack features three awesome ready-to-use effects. Included in the package are a moonflower, tri-color wash, and Combo UV wash/strobe. These fixtures can be controlled in auto and sound mound. A wireless IRC-6 remote is also included.

JAM Pack™ Gold is a winning combination of four party always-popular effects that are ready to use right out of the box. Included in the JAM Pack™ Gold are derby beam, laser, fog machine, and a UV wash/strobe combo light. These units can be controlled in auto and sound mound. A wireless IRC-6 remote is also included.
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Steve Lieberman Gives Coachella Yuma Tent DJ Booth Club Feel With Chauvet Nexus

Steve Lieberman Gives Coachella Yuma Tent DJ Booth Club Feel With Chauvet Nexus

With 163 acts serving up an array of great music from rap to pop to EDM to classic rock and a plethora of other styles, Coachella has aptly been described as a “forest of festivals.” Dedicated techno house heads and dance music fans had no trouble finding their way through this musical forest at the 2015 version of the festival. They headed straight for the Yuma Tent, where house bumping heavyweights chugged away for hours on end in an eye-popping DJ Booth set off by a swarm of pixel mapped Nexus Aw 7×7 LED panels from CHAUVET Professional.

CHAUVET-Professional-Nexus-Aw7x7Lighting designer Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting arranged 47 of the Nexus Aw 7×7 panels in front of the DJ booth to create a video surface that lent a club look to the performance area. The LD also deployed over 100 other high output fixtures throughout the tent, positioning moving beams in the upper sections of the ceiling and strobes along its rim. He also placed six giant mirror balls across the spine of the tent ceiling and a disco shark designed by Kevin McHugh in the center. The end result was a tent interior that had all of the mind searing energy of a Las Vegas nightclub.

“We gave the tent the look and feel of a club, which made it a unique spot in the festival,” said Lieberman, who has designed many of the most famous and critically acclaimed nightclubs in the world. This made sense, since the Yuma Tent has been a paradise for club fans since it was introduced to Coachella in 2013.

For much of the time during the festival, Lieberman ran his own lighting rig at the Yuma Tent with a grandMA Series 2 console. “I love this music and I love being involved on a hands-on level in lighting it,” he said. “I enjoyed working with the Nexus Aw 7×7 because of its output and super sharp beams. It also allowed me to get the kind of incandescent glowing look that contributes to a club atmosphere, but at the same time it’s an LED fixture with all the good stuff that entails. Plus it’s very versatile when you pixel map it.”

This versatility was very much on display at the Yuma Tent. Lieberman used the panels to display breakout video patterns at key points during the different performances, in addition to having panels work as lighting effects and as marquee tickers to display text. “Versatility is key in an event like this, because you have so many artists taking their performances in so many different directions,” said Lieberman.

Indeed, the renowned LD navigated his lighting rig through some astounding musical twists and turns at Coachella as a full array of club music artistry was on display inside the Yuma Tent, including old-school three-hour back-to-back sets from icons Danny Tenaglia and Carl Craig, who dropped an unforgettable remix of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams. On the other side of the spectrum was the hard mechanical experimental house chugging of the UK’s Jon Hopkins. Through it all Lieberman’s rig kept pace, providing the crowd with a complete club experience in the middle of Coachella

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CHAUVET Professional offers innovative professional lighting fixtures for the production and touring market as well as permanent installation in theaters, hospitality venues, cruise ships, clubs, television and architainment applications. For more information, please visit

#CHAUVETDJ and #TRUSST Provide Gear For Luminar Group’s Lighting Technician of the Year Event

#CHAUVETDJ and #TRUSST Provide Gear For Luminar Group’s Lighting Technician of the Year Event

The Luminar Group’s Lighting Technician of the Year competition recognizes and celebrates excellence in the lighting profession. So it wasn’t surprising that CHAUVET DJ and its sister company TRUSST were chosen to provide lighting and trussing for this prestigious event, which was held at Oceana in Southampton, one of the many popular clubs operated by the Luminar Group.

ChauvetDJ LuminarA group of five regional champions gathered at the award-winning club to vie for the prestigious title at the grand finale, which was hosted by Luminar’s main man for all things DJ and Music, Al Mayfield. The talented five were the winners of a series of regional heats held at over 62 nightclubs owned by Luminar.

The finals were broken into two sections. In the first section, the finalists had to program and operate a lighting rig to a three-minute long pre-recorded musical sequence. Next, they were called upon to operate the same rig in the main room of the nightclub during a 15-minute slot on a busy Saturday night.

A specially designed contest rig, constructed from truss by Trusst, incorporated a combination of fixtures from CHAUVET DJ’s popular Intimidator series of moving heads, including Intimidator Beam LED 350s, Intimidator Spot LED 350s and Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 IRCs. Added to this was an array of COLORband Pix-M fixtures that use DMX-controllable motors to sweep back and forth to create dynamic effects, and high-powered MegaStrobe FX12 lights. Completing the CHAUVET DJ package were Geyser RGB foggers, to provide vertical streams of illuminated fog, and Funfetti Shot confetti canons to add drama and pizzazz.

The panel of four judges included Steve Fisher, managing director of SF Leisure Europe Ltd. “I was very impressed with the calibre of all the finalists. It was exciting to see them put their ideas together so quickly and professionally,” said Fisher. “The second challenge provided them with an opportunity to really showcase their creative flair.”

The eventual winner was The Luminar Group’s South West region finalist, Ian Burridge, from Oceana nightclub in Plymouth. Luminar’s Ged Gorrie, Regional Director (South), and Tim Howard, Head of Marketing and Central Operations, presented Burridge with a stylish glass award, a CHAUVET DJ Geyser RGB and a trip to the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, where he operated the lighting at the opening reception party.

#CHAUVETDJ Thursday Vids: Happy Endings: By Geoff Short

#CHAUVETDJ Thursday Vids: Happy Endings: By Geoff Short

In this edition of Thursday Vids, Geoff talks about the importance of making a great LAST impression at a gig – something that can be just as important as the first one.

Intimidator Spot Duo 150 by #CHAUVETDJ

Intimidator Spot Duo 150 by #CHAUVETDJ

A look at one of the most dynamic members of the Intimidator family, the Intimidator Spot Duo 150. Two Intimidator Spot LED 150 units mounted together on one bar give you amazing options and flexibility to create dramatic light shows.…

#ChauvetDJ Lights It Up Blue For World Autism Awareness Day

Chauvet Lights It Up Blue For World Autism Awareness Day

Chauvet is going blue to help fight a disorder that affects 1 in 68 babies born in the US every year, and the company, along with PLSN editor and noted LD Nook Schoenfeld, is hoping that other lighting industry members join in this effort. On March 30, the company lighted its headquarters in Florida, as well as its facilities in the United Kingdom and Belgium, a bright royal blue to kick off the week leading up to World Autism Awareness Day on April 2.

AL1_6494+LogoA longtime advocate of autism research and care, Schoenfeld was instrumental in getting the upper floors of the Empire State Building illuminated blue a few years ago as part of the “Light It Up Blue” campaign to draw attention to the disorder on Autism Awareness Day. “The organization Autisms Speaks came up with the idea of lighting landmark buildings blue on Autism Awareness Day to raise awareness of the disorder,” he said. “I’ve been a big supporter throughout.”

This year, Schoenfeld decided to bring the effort closer to home and involve the lighting industry. “It seemed very natural to me,” he said. “As an industry we’re all about lighting, and this event is built on lighting. So I figured why doesn’t our industry light itself to raise autism awareness? I brought this up to some friends at Chauvet and they were all over the idea. Our hope now is that we can inspire the rest of the industry to join us in lighting their buildings for Autism Awareness Day on Thursday April 2.”

Chauvet-UK-HeadquartersThe Chauvet building is being illuminated in blue and displaying the Autism Awareness logo in gobo form, using gobos provided by Rosco Laboratories. “When we learned about this from Nook, we knew instantly that we wanted to participate,” said Berenice Chauvet, vice president of Chauvet. “Every year more families are affected by autism; so we did not want to sit idly by.”

To Chauvet’s point, the prevalence of autism among children in the United States has increased by almost 120 percent since 2000, according to the latest figures from the Center for Disease Control. This makes autism the fastest-growing developmental disability in the country.

Chauvet-Belgium-Headquarters-1“We’re hoping that by raising awareness, we can help raise funds for research and care so that one day autism will disappear,” said Chauvet. “Our hope is that many other companies in the industry join us in lighting their facilities blue this year. It would be nice for all of us to know that the lighting industry played a part in achieving this victory. So we hope everyone Lights It Up Blue on Thursday.”

World Autism Awareness Day and “Light It Up Blue” are sponsored by Autism Speaks. For more information visit

#ChauvetDJ Scorpion Dual: By DJ Jer Shop Time #JeremyBrech #ShopTime

#ChauvetDJ Scorpion Dual: By DJ Jer Shop Time #JeremyBrech #ShopTime

Scorpion™ Dual provides you with dual FAT BEAM™ aerial effect laser, perfect for events with fog or haze. The unique dual mirror output makes a great centerpiece or side accent in pairs and includes 32 built-in patterns, including the popular “Laser Sky” effect. Generate customized and ever-changing laser shows using programmable pan, tilt, and zoom effects with separate X, Y, and Z rolling effects and scan speed adjustment. Easily operate in automatic, Master/Slave, manual or sound-activated mode or wireless control using the included IR remote.
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Hilton Head Prom 2015 Complete for DJs: By Jamie Bodie #ChauvetDJ

Hilton Head Prom 2015 Complete for DJs: By Jamie Bodie #ChauvetDJ

A look at the prom from a lighting design and DJ perspective.
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Brothers Gow Fly With Chauvet #ChauvetDJ

Brothers Gow Fly With Chauvet

Brothers Gow has done over 500 live shows since the quintet was formed in Flagstaff, Arizona in late 2007, and it’s safe to say that no two performances have ever been the same. Fans never know where this popular jam band is going to take them musically as it seamlessly blends rock, funk, jazz, reggae and other genres in fresh new ways. Such music calls for a lightshow with the speed and suppleness to wrap itself around the band’s free-flowing sound, which is exactly what lighting designer Matt Collier is providing on its current “Fly With Me Tour,” using a collection of Chauvet fixtures.

Brothers Gow 5“Brothers Gow is a band that makes a lot of transitions, embraces a lot of different styles of music and is always ready to improvise, so being quick is very important,” said Collier. “Having basic and static red or blue lights on stage wouldn’t do this band or its music justice.”

Collier created a light show that reflects the band’s improvisational spirt. At the heart of his rig is a 20’ overhead truss with eight evenly spaced eight SlimPAR 64 RGB LED par style fixtures from CHAUVET DJ accompanied by an equal number of CHAUVET Professional Q-Spot 260 moving heads. His road-proven rig also includes four CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 IRC RGBW moving fixtures as well as additional SlimPARs. The Intimidators are positioned on the floor, either upstage or downstage, depending on the mood of a particular show; and the SlimPAR 64 fixtures are used as accent and truss lighting.

Chauvet Brothers Gow 1Working together, the collection of fixtures gives Collier the movement, color, image-making capabilities and audience engagement required to support the musical twists and turns that make up a Brothers Gow performance. “The Q-Spots are great because they are bright enough to energize the stage and the crowd in larger rooms and theaters. Yet at the same time, they’re compact enough to use in in smaller clubs,” he said. “I also like layering gobos for cool effects and back wall effects, with the two gobo wheels in the Q-Spots.”

Collier also praised the versatility of the Intimidator fixtures. “They can be used very well to add punch and passion to the show as upstage or downstage lighting,” he said. “Positioning them behind the band is super effective and looks great. We also use them as audience blinders.”

Chauvet Brothers Gow 4Color changing is critical to Collier’s design philosophy because of its power to reflect the wide range of feelings that ripple through the music of Brothers Gow. The LD takes full advantage of the color rendering capabilities of his Chauvet rig to mirror the emotional flavor each song. “I like to change up color based on the mood of the music,” he said. “I tend to use a lot of cyan and L.Blue, purple tones, warm and cool fades, plus solid colors for specific points in a song. An all red or blue can also be a very powerful IMO. I like pastels and CMY combos as well.”

The Fly With Me rig is more than just fast on stage, said Collier, it’s also quick and easy to set up and tear down, an essential attribute given the group’s touring schedule. The truss at the heart of his rig is made up of 5’, 10’ and 5’ sticks to accommodate stages of different sizes, while still allowing Collier to keep a symmetrical design. “I pre-wired the truss and zip tied to cords to it,” said the LD. “This makes setup a lot easier and cuts the amount of time required in half.”

Collier’s start as an LD mirrors the free flowing see-where-this-takes-us spirit of his jam band client. When asked about his history with Brothers Gow, he said, “I met the guys right when they started the band in Flagstaff. Originally I was just there to hang out and take pictures, and it kind of transitioned into doing sound and then lighting. I was very taken with lighting from the beginning, and over the last five years with the band we have slowly built up our lighting inventory and programming knowledge. I like to create an environment that enhances the music and allows the live music goer to have a visual connection with what they are hearing. The lightshow is there to enhance what should already be a good live show. It gives the audience something tangible that they can see, and impacts them much more than five guys standing under some red, green and yellow gelled flood lights.”

TRUSST Introduces New Line Of Scrim To Fit Truss, Tripod Stands and X-Stands

Scrimming The Surface

TRUSST Introduces New Line Of Scrim To Fit Truss, Tripod Stands and X-Stands

With a growing number of DJs, mobile entertainers and event producers wanting to make their shows more professional looking, trussing manufacturer TRUSST has this advice for them: go “under cover.” The Florida-based company, a brand of Chauvet, has come out with a new line of fabric TRUSST Scrim designed to cover trussing of different sizes, as well as tripod stands and X-stands, to provide a neater, more polished appearance to stages and DJ booths.

TRUSST_ScrimMade of an attractive white fabric, TRUSST Scrim will not only conceal unsightly cables and cords for a much cleaner look – it can also be become a scenic element in its own right when used with uplighting. Different colors of lighting can be cast onto the fabric to create unique décor pieces coordinated to match any event or show and add excitement and drama for guests.

“Many of today’s entertainers and event companies have taken the first step toward putting on a more professional-looking show by using truss for mounting their lighting and audio gear,” said Kenny Miller, Product Manager for TRUSST. “The next step, if you really want to become a ‘pro’s pro,’ is to add scrim covering to your trussing — this will give your show an even more sleek, polished look.

“You can also create spectacular colored columns by uplighting truss structures covered with scrim,” added Miller. “Or in the case of scrim-covered tripods and X-stands, you can turn them into uniquely-shaped set pieces by illuminating them with colored light. We have TRUSST Scrim products available to fit a variety of different truss sizes, as well as the types of stands typically used by DJs and entertainers.”

The TRUSST Scrim line includes five products:
CT-SC20W – 2.0 meter scrim to fit TRUSST and conventional 12”square box truss
CT-SC25W – 2.5 meter scrim to fit TRUSST and conventional 12”square box truss
CT-SC30W – 3.0 meter scrim to fit TRUSST and conventional 12”square box truss
CT-SCDUO — tripod scrim designed to mask two sides of a tripod stand, leaving the third side
open for easy access to adjustment knobs and cable routing
CT-SCX — scrim designed to fit conventional X-stand with access openings for cable routing

Rugged and affordable, all TRUSST Scrim products are made of a strong fire-retardant stretch fabric for safety and long-term durability. Additionally, all products have upscale quality features built into their design, such as double-stitched seams for extra strength and added elastic sewn into their ends to prevent slippage.

Despite these premium “extras,” TRUSST Scrim products are extremely competitively priced, making them perfect for DJs, entertainers and independent event companies. As an added value feature, all products include a zippered carry bag for convenient transport and storage.

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