CHAUVET DJ Gig Lab: Strike Up the Band…Lighting: By Geoff Short #ChauvetDJ

CHAUVET DJ Gig Lab: Strike Up the Band…Lighting: By Geoff Short #ChauvetDJ

In this edition, we turn a local bar into the Gig Lab! Geoff visits Chit Chat’s, a South Florida bar to check out the killer (wireless) light show the CHAUVET DJ team set up for the band Rough Shot ( This band gig was lit using a combination of new CHAUVET DJ USB compatible fixtures, the FlareCON Air, ShowXpress and more! CHAUVET DJ lighting isn’t just for DJs!

DJ Tutor’s Take on BPM: There’s an Intimidator for Every DJ

DJ Tutor’s Take on BPM: There’s an Intimidator for Every DJ

DJ Tutor stops by the CHAUVET DJ booth at BPM and gives us his take on some favorites in the Intimidator series.

CHAUVET DJ Gig Lab: Hazer Health for Halloween: By Geoff Short

CHAUVET DJ Gig Lab: Hazer Health for Halloween: By Geoff Short

Are your hazers ready to haunt? Don’t wait ’til the last minute to get your hazers in great health!
Need help getting your machines ready for Halloween?
CHAUVET DJ Customer Service:

#CHAUVETDJ To Showcase Advanced Wireless USB Series Fixtures And More At BPM

CHAUVET DJ To Showcase Advanced Wireless USB Series Fixtures And More At BPM

With final preparations for 2015’s BPM show underway, CHAUVET DJ is gearing up to showcase some of its latest and most exciting products to an expected crowd of 10,000 DJs and budding musicians.

Held this year from 12-14 September at the NEC, Birmingham, BPM has become one of the world’s premier DJ expos. This year CHAUVET DJ will celebrate its 25th anniversary in style by showcasing six new products: the D-Fi USB series, the Intimidator Trio, the SWARM 4 FX and the COREpar 40, 80 and UV USB series.

“BPM is an extremely important show for CHAUVET DJ as it allows us to interact directly with our customers,” said CHAUVET General Manager for Europe, Michael Brooksbank. “With DJs and entertainers looking to add a new dimension to their lightshow – whether uplighting a room with changing colours or creating eye candy aerial beam effects – the CHAUVET DJ stand will cater for all needs.”

D-Fi-USB-VERTICAL-FRONTLike the rest of the CHAUVET DJ team, Brooksbank is very excited to showcase the company’s latest offerings at BPM 2015. Chief among these new products is CHAUVET DJ’s D-Fi USB Series of lighting fixtures. This is a series of fixtures that include a standard USB connection. DJs and other end-users can wirelessly connect to these fixtures using CHAUVET DJ’s new D-Fi USB transceiver, which eliminates the need for any DMX cables. The USB transceiver is powered directly from the fixture.

Ranging from low-profile LED pars and COB (Chip-on-Board) colour washes, to a gobo projector, LED strobe and simulated water effect – all are controllable with a revolutionary thumb-drive-sized D-Fi USB transceiver, the D-Fi USB. When plugged into the USB port on a compatible USB Series lighting fixture, the tiny D-Fi USB gives users total wireless DMX control of the unit from a CHAUVET DJ FlareCON Air or any other D-Fi compatible transmitter. What’s more, in addition to transferring DMX signals, the D-Fi USB can be used to provide completely wireless Master-Slave operation.

The Intimidator Trio builds on the pedigree of CHAUVET DJ’s much revered Intimidator series. The Trio’s innovative, LED-powered moving head features beam, wash and effects in one affordable package. The fixture’s motorized zoom allows seamless change from a narrow beam to a wide wash, in addition to continuously-rotating honey comb effects.

Also new at the show will be the Swarm 4 FX, a 3-in-1 LED effect light that combines red and green lasers, white strobe effects and RGBAW rotating derby effects into one fixture. The fixture is capable of shaping the look of any event by creating customized looks and effects with separate colour and programme control. The Swarm 4 FX is also capable of creating a synchronised light show by power linking to multiple units.

Another new series of products, the COREpar 40 USB, COREpar 80 USB and COREpar UV USB feature COB (Chip-on-Board) RGB LEDs and offer both 40-watt and 80-watt par-style models for unsurpassed colour mixing. Additionally, the fixtures are equipped with a magnetic Fresnel lens that provides the flexibility to shift from ultra-wide to narrow beam in seconds. Multiple control options include DMX, master/slave and sound activation modes, as well as wireless control thanks to CHAUVET’s D-Fi USB compatibility.

“We’re very enthused about our new products and we look forward to showing them,” said Brooksbank. “It should be a very busy show for CHAUVET DJ.”

See these products and more at the CHAUVET DJ BPM stand #E099

FOLD Festival Stars Shine With ShoPro and CHAUVET Professional

FOLD Festival Stars Shine With ShoPro and CHAUVET Professional

For the better part of five decades, the legendary Nile Rodgers has demonstrated an uncanny ability to weave diverse musical influences together in unexpected ways. Whether it’s been as frontman for his own group Chic or as a producer for the likes of Diana Ross, David Bowie, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Pitbull and Avicii, this ageless wonder transcends musical generations and genres. Rodgers’ versatility and virtuosity were on full display recently at the FOLD Festival, outside New York City, on a star studded stage brilliantly illuminated by a collection of fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Rodgers not only performed on stage with Chic, he hosted the two-day festival, bringing together an eclectic mix of friends and collaborators while “mashing up music cultures,” as he told the press. What a spectacular mash it was too, with sets by Pharrell Williams, Beck, Duran Duran, Chaka Kahn, Q-Tip and Keith Urban, among others, creating memories for festival goers.

“There was a sense of electricity in the air throughout the festival, and we were happy to be a part of it,” said Jason Ayala of ProSho (New York), which provided the lighting rig. “We wanted lighting that could make a bold statement at the big moments on stage with a lot of intensity and saturated color. Since the festival started at five o’clock when it’s still light out, we needed brightness too.”

Ayala and Kevin Jameson (also of ProSho) served as the festival LDs. The pair’s goal was to create a rig that was flexible enough to accommodate the diverse mix of artists on stage. “We needed the impact and eye candy for some acts, but we also wanted softer washes for others,” said Ayala. “The rig was very accommodating. Two of the bands, Duran Duran and Beck, brought in their own LDs. These LDs knew what we were bringing in and were happy with it, but they got even more excited when they got here and saw what the rig could do.”

The ProSho designers positioned fixtures on upstage and downstage truss as well as on the floor to “envelop the entire stage in light, while also reaching out to engage the crowd,” as Ayala put it. The rig included 14 Q-Wash 419Z-LED moving wash fixtures with 19 15-watt RGBW LEDs on the downstage truss and eight Rogue R1 Spot high output moving LED fixtures, as well as seven Legend 330SR Spot fixtures, on the upstage truss. The floor package included eight Rogue R1 Beams and seven Legend 330SR Spot fixtures.

The FOLD Festival also featured a second DJ Stage illuminated with Chauvet fixtures. This rig included 12 Rogue R1 Spots and 36 COLORado Batten 72 Tours outlining the perimeter of the stage. A customized DJ booth was accented with three MotionOrb décor lights, each made up of 55 individual color-changing and strobing LED orbs on strings.

“We built a lot of scenic looks on the DJ stage, giving it a club-like feel,” said Ayala. “The Rogues gave us great audience lights and aerial effects, while the other fixtures were good eye candy. We created two distinct environments on the two stages, but they worked well together during the two days.”

Blending divergent elements together into a harmonious whole has been part of Nile Rodgers genius. This gift was very evident throughout the FOLD festival, which fittingly got its name by combining the first letters of two songs associated with Rodgers. “Freak Out” a hit he had with Chic, and “Let’s Dance,” the David Bowie classic, one of many No. 1 Billboard tunes produced by Rodgers for superstars from a wide variety of genres.

How #CHAUVETDJ Made Main Stage Magic at DJ Expo!: With Rick Peeples

How CHAUVET DJ Made Main Stage Magic at DJ Expo!: With Rick Peeples

Join CHAUVET DJ Product Manager Rick Peeples as he takes you on a behind the scenes tour of the lighting magic on the DJ Times Square Main Stage at DJ Expo – all lit exclusively by CHAUVET DJ!

DJ Mikey Mike Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC Chauvet DJ Do It From Scratch Mount

DJ Mikey Mike Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC Chauvet DJ Do It From Scratch Mount

The Intimidator™ Spot 355Z IRC is a brilliantly bright moving-head light with motorized focus and zoom for crisp gobo and beam changing effects. Seven already installed gobos plus the wedding 6-pack give you plenty of options for creating a unique look for every event. Master/Slave mode lets you create a beautiful light show quickly and easily. Built-in automatic programs along with move-in-black capability make programming with a CHAUVET® DJ DMX controller as easy as can be.…

• DMX Channels: 9 or 15
• DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR
• Pan and Tilt: 540°/270°
• Pan and Tilt Ranges: 540°, 360°, 180° pan/270°, 180°, 90° tilt
• Colors: 8 + white, split colors, continuous scroll at variable speeds
• Gobos: 7 + open (5 metal + 2 glass), rotating, interchangeable, indexing, slot-n-lock, continuous scroll at variable speeds
• Gobo Size: 24 mm outside, 20 mm image, 1.1 mm max thickness
• Light Source: 1 LED (white) 90 W (3.2 A), 50,000 hours life expectancy
• Strobe Rate: 0 to 23 Hz
• Zoom Angle (motorized): 10° to 17°
• Illuminance (10°): 35,225 lux @ 2 m
• Illuminance (17°): 11,800 lux @ 2 m
• Power Linking: 4 units @ 120 V; 7 units @ 230 V
• Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
• Power and Current: 309 W, 3.2 A @ 120 V, 60 Hz
• Power and Current: 283 W, 1.6 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz
• Weight: 27.4 lb (12.4 kg)
• Size: 13.4 x 9.7 x 18 in (340 x 248 x 456 mm)
• Optional Controllers: IRC-6

#CHAUVETDJ Thursday Vids – Intervention for Gear-Aholics: By Geoff Short

#CHAUVETDJ Thursday Vids – Intervention for Gear-Aholics: By Geoff Short

You have an addiction to buying and shopping for new gear and this episode of Thursday Vids is an Intervention! Geoff shares a few thoughts to prevent you from going broke to get your fix!
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#ChauvetDJ Wash FX for Event Design: By Jeremy Brech #DJJer #Shoptime

#ChauvetDJ Wash FX for Event Design: By Jeremy Brech #DJJer #Shoptime

DJ Jer shows how to use a very price effective dance light in an amazing production style setup. Creating a ceiling wash using this wide angle fixture allows a beautiful ambiance while eliminating in-house florescent lighting.
International Disc Jockey News Academy



A spoonful of sugar and amazing lighting are making a production of the beloved Disney musical Mary Poppins fly high. CHAUVET DJ Intimidator products are adding lighting magic to the magical show currently on stage at Pembroke Pines Theatre of the Performing Arts (PPTOPA). The theatre recently installed 4 Intimidator Spot LED 350 moving heads and four Intimidator Spot LED 150s to add to the theater’s existing lighting system in preparation for the beloved and effect-heavy musical. The company also uses CHAUVET D-Fi Hub units to be able to wirelessly control the Intimidators that are mounted high above the stage and control booth.

“Mary Poppins 1Mary Poppins is a show with a ton of effects,” says the show’s Technical Director Elliott Riches. “We knew we had to add some powerful and flexible lighting to our existing rig. The Intimidators really add some visual punch and effects to help tell this story. I’ve been a fan of the Intimidators for quite a while and they really added that magic touch we needed for this show that’s full of magic! We’re looking forward to using them on our other upcoming shows too.”

Riches mounted the Intimidator Spot LED 350s overhead along the front-of-house catwalk. The powerful and versatile 350s allow Riches to add bright effects, gobos and spots to the theatre’s existing wash lighting fixtures from this position. He uses a D-Fi Hub to communicate wireless DMX control to the first Intimidator with the others in the chain connected to it via conventional DMX cables. The smaller Intimidator Spot LED 150s are mounted above the stage just behind the proscenium and are also controlled via D-Fi Hub. The 150s are perfect for shorter throws and tighter beam effects targeted to accent various action positions from directly overhead.

Mary Poppins (4)CHAUVET DJ Senior Product Manager, Allan Reiss is happy to see the Intimidators being used in theatrical applications. “PPTOPA is a great example of a company using our fixtures for things beyond DJ and band lighting,” says Reiss. “These are bright, powerful and flexible fixtures that are great for performing arts applications of all sizes and budgets. It’s great that more and more organizations are discovering that.”

Mary Poppins runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 2p through August 9th. To learn more about PPTOPA visit

Cerwin Vegas P Series: Built To Perform

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