Chauvet Professional Nexus Selected By Peter Greenbaum For Today Show’s Toyota Concert Series

Performers often win new fans when they appear on NBC’s Today Show. Sometimes high-output LED panels do too. Such was the case recently when the Nexus 4 x 4 panel from CHAUVET Professional was used for superstar Mariah Carey’s performance on the Today Show.

Pete GreenbaumLighting designer Peter Greenbaum was planning on running halogen panels, when Drew DeCorleto, director of lighting production at World Stage (New York), asked him to consider the Nexus 4 x 4 LED panels instead. “On Drew’s recommendation I tried the Nexus and was very pleased,” said Greenbaum, who is now using the Nexus 4 x 4 throughout the Today Show’s Toyota Concert Series. “My programmer, assistant LD Brian Davis, is also having a lot of fun with them.”

In addition to being the lead lighting director for the Today Show, Greenbaum, (Illumination By Design, NY), has worked on some of the most notable televised concerts in memory. His extensive experience creating set lighting designs for televised concerts, including the critically acclaimed HBO Reverb series and VH-1 Live, gave him extra appreciation for the “camera friendly” features of the Nexus panels.

“As a set element, the Nexus panels give me one more tool for creating fun and exciting looks, not to mention they also give the camera more focal points for composing better shots,” he said. “This is still very much television. We have a varied list of performers this summer so hopefully I can create a bunch of varied looks with the Nexus.”

Marking the start of the Toyota Concert Series on Today, the Mariah Carey performance took place outdoors at the TODAY plaza in Rockefeller Center between 48th and 49th Streets. This setting, with its high level of ambient light, made the intense brightness and vivid color rendering of the Nexus panels extremely important.

“I am very pleased with the Nexus panels,” said Greenbaum, who ran 12 of the units across his stage. “I think they look great on air. We will be featuring them in most of our summer concert series. Right now I’ve only used them lining the deck, but I plan to line the upright truss supports with them vertically, time permitting. They are in three of the four packages we’re offering the artists.”

Based on Greenbaum’s experience, it’s safe to assume that the Nexus 4 x 4 panel will not only be included in televised concerts and performances “today,” but well into the future as well.

CHAUVET Professional Fixtures Act Fast At Brown University EDM Concert #chauvetdj #chauvetprofessional

Normally, LD Cody James likes to have some time to prepare for a new show, but as the Rolling Stones so aptly put it years ago, “you can’t always get what you want.” Recently James was called upon at the eleventh hour to create a lightshow for Brown University’s “After Dark Party,” an annual EDM event that draws about 1,500 fans. Without the luxury of a lot of prep time, the LD from JDI Productions needed a rig that he could set up in a relative heartbeat; he turned to a collection of user-friendly fixtures from CHAUVET Professional for help.

afterdark1“I’ve worked with Chauvet products many times in the past, so I’m very comfortable with them,” said James. “The fixtures are easy to set up and easy to program, so they act fast – which is exactly what we needed. In the end we had a design that made us all very proud.”

afterdark2James’ design used 12 Legend 230SR Beam and 16 Legend 412 moving heads. “On the upstage truss, we had six SR beams spaced evenly across a 40-foot stick and a cluster of four Legend 412s in the center of the top truss,” said James. “We also had six towers – two of them 10 feet, two of them 8 feet and two of them 5 feet, all staggered down in size from upstage to down stage with a Legend 230 SR Beam on top of each and two Legend 412s lower on each tower. This rig allowed us to cover the stage with a lot of bright colors and sharp beams.”

afterdark3James credits the color rendering capabilities of the CHAUVET Professional fixtures with helping him create a powerful visual impression on stage. In addition to 14 solid colors plus white, the Legend 230 SR has a color wheel that delivers seamless split colors. The Legend 412 features 12 quad-color RGBW Cree LEDs controllable in quadrants.

“We were able to generate some awesome energy on stage with all the movement and vivid colors,” said James. “We didn’t really know all of the DJs who would be performing at the party, which ran from 10 pm to 3 am at Lupos Heartbreak Hotel, an old-school concert hall. As a result we had to have the flexibility to improvise a bit on the lightshow, which was a good thing, because the DJs all brought their own brand of energy to the evening.”

The Brown University After Dark Party was headlined by the Los Angeles-based high powered festival bangers, The Bixel Boys, plus Vito and Druzzi, original members of the legendary New York indie dance-punk group The Rapture.

“This was one of the most rewarding projects ever for me, because of the way it came together so fast and so well,” said James. “Peter Therrien and Derek Iorfida of JDI Productions deserve a lot of credit for making this happen – and so do the Legend fixtures we used.”

New Electro-Voice sound system for iconic Minneapolis venue First Avenue

First Avenue EV Install

First Avenue EV Install

According to a recent survey by Gibson Guitars, First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota is “one of the ten greatest rock venues of all time.” Touring artists consistently rank it one of the best places to play in the nation, and in the world. And, as anyone who has seen a show there or performed on its stage will no doubt agree, between its authentic rock ‘n’ roll vibe, sightline-friendly layout, and, of course, its iconic status as the concert venue in “Purple Rain,” First Ave checks all the boxes for what a truly great live performance space should offer … including an exceptional sound system.

Having had an Electro-Voice PA in place for around 20 years, First Ave recently decided to upgrade to new, more efficient technology, and chose to stick with the EV brand to ensure its reputation for superb audio remains intact.

“We are both thrilled and honored to be providing the new sound system for First Avenue,” says Michael Doucot of Electro-Voice, who worked closely with First Avenue management and St. Paul-based Electro-Voice dealers and installation specialists Metro Sound and Lighting on specifying and installing the new main room sound system.

First Avenue Stage

First Avenue Stage

Doucot adds, “It was time to update the Electro-Voice X-Array loudspeaker system that has reliably served the main room night after night for the past two decades, upgrading to one of EV’s state-of-the-art XLC line-array systems. The old system was still going strong and sounding great, but it will now be repurposed for stage-fill sound rather than main front-of-house duties.”

“This is a new chapter in a relationship that makes sense for many reasons, Doucot continues. “Like First Ave, Electro-Voice is very proud of the Twin Cities home base upon which its global reputation is built. We design and engineer our microphones, electronics, and loudspeaker systems here in Burnsville, and the touring artists that perform on the main room stage – and, of course, the audiences at their shows – can continue to expect the best club sound anywhere when they come to First Ave. We work well together. It feels good to extend this local partnership with a new system that features our latest audio innovations, including NetMax/IRIS-Net signal processing, taking the First Ave experience to the next level.”

Not only does the new XLC line-array system more precisely address the room for more even coverage and intelligibility, it’s also driven by the latest Tour Grade series amplifiers, which are both significantly more powerful and more energy efficient than their predecessors – approximately 40% more. Another big change is that there are now loudspeakers covering hard-to-reach spots like the under-balcony areas. These new additions – from the EVF line – will help provide more seamless audio throughout the venue.

Doucot adds: “This was a great team effort: Randy Keeley and his team from Metro, Brad Hertko and the First Ave crew, and our own George Georgallis and Stu Schatz really did an exemplary job installing all the components and fine-tuning the system on a tight deadline – it’s turned out to be one of the best-looking and best-sounding installs any of us have seen. The main room has always sounded great, but this new PA is in a league of its own – people are going to be blown away by how good it sounds in there!”

Cerwin Vegas P Series: Built To Perform

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