DJ A.P. on the Denon DJ SC3900’s at DJ Expo 2014 US #denondj

DJ A.P. on the Denon DJ SC3900’s at DJ Expo 2014 US #denondj

DJ AP cuttin’ it up on the Denon DJ SC3900’s Turntable Media Players and DNX1600 Digital Mixer at DJ Expo 2014, Atlantic City, New Jersey.
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Costa Lakoumentas and John Terry tapped for key roles in the Denon Professional, Marantz Professional, and Denon DJ business units.

inMusic (, industry-leading manufacturer of premier music and audio technology brands, is pleased to announce the appointment of Costa Lakoumentas, who will oversee the newly acquired D&M Professional brands, and John Terry, who becomes the US National Sales Manager for Denon DJ.
Lakoumentas began his pro audio career in 1981, designing sound systems for churches, schools, and recreational facilities. In 1998, he joined Mackie Designs where he led the development of the DX810 Digital Mixer along with several other installation products that made up the Mackie Industrial line. Most recently, he served as the global Senior Vice President of Marketing for Music Group where he developed over 60 new products that launched the Eurocom brand.
2014 marks John Terry’s 40th anniversary as a professional DJ. Over that time, he’s seen the business from every angle, as a performer, DJ equipment retailer, and National Account Manager for brands like Vestax and Akai Professional. Terry has most recently acted as the Sales Manager for inMusic’s distribution division, working closely with specialty retailers to bring inMusic products to their customers.
“Both Costa and John bring decades of exceptionally relevant experience to their respective roles. We’re extremely pleased that they will be bringing their considerable skills and talents to bear in helping to define the next chapter of the Denon DJ, Denon Professional, and Marantz Professional story,” says Jack O’Donnell, owner and CEO, inMusic.

About inMusic
Home of the world’s premier music and audio technology brands, inMusic ( is the parent company for a family of leading music technology and consumer electronics brands, which includes AIR Music Technology (, Akai Professional (, Alesis (, Alto Professional (, Denon DJ (, Denon Professional (, ION Audio (, M-Audio (m-, Marantz Professional (, MixMeister (, and Numark ( Through collaboration and innovation, every inMusic brand has the unique ability to respond dynamically to the demands of its customers, delivering the latest advancements in engineering, design, and technology in the DJ, Music Production, Pro Audio, Musical Instrument, Audio Installation and Consumer Electronics industries.

Denon DJ SC2900 Multimedia Digital DJ Controller Feature Overview #denondj

Denon DJ SC2900 Multimedia Digital DJ Controller Feature Overview #denondj

The SC2900 from Denon DJ is the ultimate fixed platter, ‘hands-on’ multimedia digital DJ controller available. Ergonomically designed to offer the modern DJ the most essential and creatively useful control layout, it handles today’s music source playback options with power and flexibility.

Twitter: @denon_dj

Denon DJ MC6000MK2 Controller / Digital Mixer Overview #denondj

Denon DJ introduce the MC6000MK2 Professional Controller & Digital Mixer (Serato DJ Intro supplied and Serato DJ optimised). This overview video features product opinion and demo from ‘Mr Switch’ (aka ‘DJ Switch’ – 3 times DMC world champion DJ) and highlights the new and exciting features in the updated Mark 2 version of Denon DJ’s flagship controller/digital mixer.

Denon DJ MC6000MK2 Digital Mixer & Controller #denondj #djgear

Building on its already established, flagship controller and digital mixer, Denon DJ are pleased to announce the new generation, MC6000MK2. Changed, improved and now supplied with Serato DJ Intro software, the MC6000MK2 combines impeccable, steel chassis build quality and rock solid reliability with total, uncompromising Serato compatibility (supports other software with mapping). Denon DJ Mc6000MK2

Denon DJ Mc6000MK2

Denon DJ Mc6000MK2

Denon DJ Mc6000MK2

Denon DJ Mc6000MK2

Denon DJ Mc6000MK2

Denon DJ Mc6000MK2

Denon DJ Mc6000MK2

Denon DJ Mc6000MK2

Denon DJ Mc6000MK2

Denon DJ Mc6000MK2

Denon DJ Mc6000MK2Crafted for professional and discerning club, mobile and house party DJ’s, the MC6000MK2’s control surface is structured to enable plug and play communication, directly with the bundled Serato DJ Intro software. DJ’s wishing to add alternative software functionality and video mixing features can buy upgrades for Serato DJ software and Serato Video plug in if desired.
Features & Improvements:  Supplied with Serato DJ Intro, with unit’s hardware offering full Plug and
Play software control, straight out of the box.  Natively supported by Serato DJ Intro & Serato DJ (full upgrade version)*,
Virtual DJ* and Mixvibes Cross*. Denon DJ supplied mappings ensure
compatibility with Native Instruments Traktor software.  Fully professional video mixing integration is now possible with
the MC6000’s video capability. Using the revolutionary Serato Video plugin, DJ’s can program, mix, add transition FX and scratch video just as they do with audio – So now, “What you hear, is also what you see!” A paid upgrade to Serato DJ is required for Serato Video support.
 Reliable, realtime channel matrix operation enabling fast and efficient DJ changeovers, plus flexibility to add record decks, table top CD players, USB audio and other auxiliary input devices.
 Ability to now utilize ‘on trend’ DJ performance factors ‘ Roll’ (Loop whilst track stays in real time), ‘Sensor’ (Serato’s Reverse mode) plus ‘Slip Mode’ (Real time track play under a scratch/loop etc)
 Line 3/4 Thru to PC Mode Enabling digital recording of a full DJ performance, whether club, radio or house party to a PC or Mac computer.
 Replacing the previous model’s two toggle switches, the MC6000MK2 now features Four independent deck layer keys offering error free, live performance deck/track selection
 Fast and efficient Serato DJ screen navigation with ‘Panel’, ‘View’, ‘Area’, and ‘List’ keys
 Independent ‘Vinyl’ button (emulating true vinyl operation), Beats Parameter knob (dedicated for controlling beat attributes), FX Tap Button (to add BPM data), FX Mode Change and now 8 Assign keys for fluid and comprehensive effects control
 Improved look, finish and feel to twin-deck, silver platters Class-leading sonic improvements for professional sound playback
Denon DJ MC6000MK2 in-store January 2014 U.S. UAP Price $699.00

Denon DJ at BPM Show 2013 #denondj @denon

The Denon DJ team spent 3 amazing days at the UK and Europe’s biggest DJ show, BPM 2013 – check out the Denon DJ guests & end user’s on the full range of Denon DJ controllers, media decks and rack-mount equipment too.

DJ’s: ‘DELimentary’, DJ Switch, Parm Panesar & DJ Wreckdown, plus DJ Matsa (Paris, France) and the UK’s Richie Don too!

Crimson’ by Simon Sinfield
Kindly supplied by Base Music UK

Engine DJ Management Software Update V1.1.0 Rev:1 from Denon DJ #denondj

Engine DJ Management Software Update V1.1.0 Rev:1 SC2900 & SC3900 F/W Updates

Denon DJ is pleased to announce new feature loaded and optimized legacy functions to its music management system Engine. Listening intently to user feedback, and maintaining a finger on the pulse of today’s DJ software and hardware demands, V 1.1.0 is now available. Running on PC/Mac or with the iOS iPad version, Engine’s new features make the live or studio DJ interaction experience even more fluid and precise.

New Features:

The new ‘Hot List’ function integrates with both the SC2900 and 3900 media player connections, enabling ‘must-play’ set tracks to be stored for later use. Full search across all folder types is now added too, allowing maximized search results once connected to the SC players.

If hard disc or portable media space is limited, Engine assists by now being compatible with Mono versions of all previously supported file formats – MP3/AAC/WAV/AIFF. In addition, the new ‘File Emphasis’ feature illustrates any track that has been played for more than one minute in a session plus a new easy eject button is added to the user interface making disconnection from Engine, quick and trouble-free.

Creating and updating DJ database information now becomes more user-friendly while adding functionality for adding files or a directory to the main DJ database and target media. With safety and peace of mind paramount when a user is assembling their library, all work in progress music file changes can also now be copied to a user’s system drive using Engine’s new ‘Auto-Backup’ option. The software will also now auto-create a database upon start-up.

More file management improvements continue in this V1.1.0 update, including a listed display of files which may have failed with Engine registration plus the ability to export this as a CSV file to analyze and correct issues later. Although a Windows only feature, Engine has the added functionality of importing a database from the old ‘Music Manager’ too. Individual file attention can now be given enabling a ‘playback count reset function’ with also contains a handy keyboard ‘B’ button, BPM tap function (the latter adding a secondary indication to the user on top of any pre-analyzed tempo calculation by Engine on track import).


General legacy function improvements include improved ID3 tag accuracy when ‘memo BPM’ data is changed by the user. The Genre ID3 tag also has general display and searching optimization when written by numbered characters. A Re-Analyze improvement now gives a priority to tracks that are selected for re-analysis, even during the actual general ‘analyze’ process.

Mac users can also now enjoy specific Engine improvements in the form of an improved user experience when creating an initial ‘DENONDJ2’ folder on Snow Leopard (or later) operating systems. Both PC and Mac platform users also get visually improved drag and drop operation (file > crate or playlist), copy ‘Crate to DDJ & Target’, in addition to iTunes playlist registration improvements.

Media Player Updates:

Denon’s SC2900 & 3900 players share some optimized and improved functions and all-new feature set. Engine’s new ‘Hotlist’ feature is now enabled on both model’s, with folder search improvements and improved (no ‘tree’ limit) cursor navigation via the player itself. Support of mono media playback files is ported in from the main Engine software improvements and the useful ‘Exit Engine’ and ‘Cancel’ menu operation enables efficient exit from a session’s live connection.

BPM Database improvements and ‘History’ optimization are now added to both media players with a significant enhancement to the ‘continuous play’ feature, over and above the previously ‘single play’ only mode when Engine was running. General file/folder value search improvements are now also evident over a multitude of folder types.

File playback and Hybrid MIDI mode improvements are now featured on both the SC2900 and 3900 models. AAC reproduction is now supported for music files up to 80 minutes in length (previously capped at 60 mins) – very handy for playback of perhaps pre-mixed, warm-up sets prior to a main crowd attendance. Hybrid MIDI mode gets stability improvements also, firstly to handle malfunctions as a result of a possible accidental USB connection disturbance. Secondly, Temp Cue setting when using Serato Scratch Live in ‘standard’ cue mode also has improved functionality.

SC3900 Specifics:

The innovative technology of the SC3900 now has improved platter pitch rotation offset speed (relative to the pitch slider position). This avoids the subtle pitch drifts from previous firmware versions. The DJ scratch audio experience when using the SC3900 in ‘Key Adjust’ mode has also has been significantly enhanced, with more clarity and accuracy to the resulting ‘sound’. Finally, MIDI platter data format, when in ‘normal’ MIDI mode, has improvements based on the DN-S3700.

Denon MC2000 DJ Controller – OWN THE PARTY!: By Denon DJ

Introducing the MC2000 DJ Controller, designed from the ground with Serato Dj Intro software in mind.
Plug and Play with the most accessible DJ software around (we think!)
USB Powered
Built for use at home or owning the party venue.

featuring: DJ Wreckdown
Follow on Twitter: @DJWreckdown

Denon DJ MC2000 Controller Review: By Digital DJ Tips

Denon’s new MC2000 is entry level but professionally built and alongside the supplied Serato DJ Intro software, could have everything 95% of digital DJs will ever need. Full review:

What is ENGINE? [Summer 2012 Update]: By Denon DJ #denondj

Introduction into ENGINE DJ Software from Denon DJ:

Prepare, Playback, Control.

Cerwin Vegas P Series: Built To Perform

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