The three things to know about Facebook: By Rick Brewer

Rick Brewer

Rick Brewer

If you are Facebook (and you should be for business -approximately 90% of your future brides are), you are no doubt ready for the upcoming timeline changes that will happen at the end of this month. I have seen many comments about timeline, whether people like that format or not. The share some thoughts with you about Facebook that may help you get past liking or not liking the new changes.

1. You are the product- not the customer. With Facebook, the way that they make money selling ads to the people who use Facebook. The people who use Facebook like you and I are the product. As Facebook is a free format for us, and we are the product, we must accept that and press forward using Facebook as such. When you’re the product you don’t get the ancillary benefits that you do as a customer. Facebook is a wonderful, wonderful creation, which has changed the way in which we communicate. I see things such as “I am leaving Facebook. In going to Google Plus.” It is my recommendation that you do not leave Facebook. Not yet. It is also my recommendation that you do get a Google plus account.

2. Change is inevitable. Can you remember back to when you first got onto Facebook? The look, feel and function of Facebook has dramatically changed over just the past three years. Guess what – it’s going to keep changing. Facebook was recently evaluated at a $100 billion value. Last year, gross receipts from Facebook were around $3 billion and the net off a that $3 billion was approximately $1 billion. In a former life I worked for a business brokerage. We would find businesses to sell and in doing so we would have to put a valuation on them. Never in my career did I ever see a valuation that was 100 times its net value. This indicates to me that once Facebook has stockholders, they will want a lot of performance from Facebook. Performance on Facebook means more advertising. More advertising means Facebook will change. You may have already seen this on the login screens: advertisements. Is my view that they will start charging to advertise on the timeline cover photo. Currently, the terms of service state that no marketing message can be put on your timeline cover photo (even though many are already blatantly disregarding this). It’s only a matter of time before Facebook starts to enforce this. If and when they do enforce list is my suggestion that they will probably start to sell a premium membership. Nonetheless, things are going to change at Facebook – you can count on this.
3. b2b Facebook vs. B2C Facebook. In my world, I work primarily with a business-to-business model. In your world you work primarily with a business to consumer model. When using Facebook on a business to business model, my goal is to simply warm up the lead and let people know I am here by giving great content and engaging conversation. In your business to consumer model you need to do the same. The one slight difference between B2B and B2C on Facebook is this: on a B2C model you cannot sell at all. On the B2B model the rare times where you can sell is when you have a special offer to a select audience, i.e. your fans on your business page. Using Facebook in a business to consumer model in the wedding world, you need to offer them great content: which is all about their wedding. Remember that this is social media and social media has been way over emphasized (in my opinion) as a way of marketing your business in the wedding world. Girls do not get engaged and say, “let’s go to Facebook to find my wedding vendors.” They go the more traditional routes (and I know I’m going to get a lot of static for this) of doing searches on Google, going to bridal shows, and picking up magazines that they find at places such as bridal shops and venues. The principle of top of mind awareness is where you want to keep your business, not In your face obnoxiousness.
Facebook should be a tool for you to use and understanding the three principles spoken of here will help you in that strategy.

More Unique Wedding Intro & Exit Songs Video: By Randy Bennett and Joe Bunn #BunnDJCo

More Unique Wedding Intro & Exit Songs Video: By Randy Bennett and Joe Bunn #BunnDJCo DJs Randy Bennett and Joe Bunn give you more unique songs for intro and exit songs for a wedding reception in this video

4 Simple Steps To Building Your Network And Getting Booked Solid: by Michael Port

Michael Port

Michael Port

When most people think of networking, they think of it as something you do to meet new people. However, might I suggest definingnetworking as ‘developing deeper relationships with people you already know’ and using the term direct outreach to mean ‘meeting people that you don’t yet know but would like to know’?

Of course, ultimately, it doesn’t really matter which words you use but, rather, that you make a distinction between meeting knew people and staying connected with the people you already know.

If you make this important distinction, it can help you stay focused on each area specifically and deliberately. To that end, there are four simple but meaningful daily action steps that will build your network and get you booked solid.

Let’s start with DIRECT OUTREACH.

Again, this is about meeting the people you do not yet know but would like to know. I am not talking about the Oprah’s of the world, although hanging out with Oprah would certainly be good for business. No, I am talking about the people that are immediately relevant to you. People in your industry who can open doors for you, people that you can actually, and relatively easily, get to.

Start by creating your List of 20. This list includes 20 people that you’d like to know but do not yet know. For example:

• If you want to get booked to speak, you might include specific meeting planners.
• If you want to get booked to write articles, you might include specific editors.
• If you want to meet well-known bloggers or authors, you might include them.
• Or, maybe, if there are specific potential referral partners that you’d like to meet, you might include them.
(Notice the use of the world “specific.”)

Put these people on your List of 20. Of course, if you don’t have 20 people who come to mind right now, just start with three. But eventually you’ll grow it and keep it at 20. Why? Keeping your list at 20 ensures that it’s a large enough so as to keep your focus expansive, yet small enough that you’re able to focus on each person specifically.

What do you do with this list? Simple. Reach out to one person on this list each day. NOT to ask for a favor or to meet for coffee but to express appreciation for them and their work.

• Write a blog post about them or comment on a blog post that they wrote.
• Retweet a few of their Tweets in one day or Tweet about them or to them.
• Even better, write a short (under 5 lines) email or handwritten note to them telling them why they rock.
The key is not asking anything of them.

One of my favorite quotes is from Winston Churchill. He said, “It’s a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.” I believe building relationships is the same way.

So, if there is someone you’d like to get to know and they have a higher professional status then you, don’t call them up and ask to meet them for a cup of coffee. You’re probably not (yet) relevant to them unless they have some prior connection to you. Remember, “Only one link in the chain of destiny at a time.”

After you reach out to the person on the top of the list, put them on the bottom. So, the person that you reached out today goes from number one to number twenty. The person who was number twenty becomes number nineteen and the person who was number two advances to the number one spot.

Then, tomorrow, reach out to the next person at the top of that list. Do this every single business day. This way, each day you are connecting with, at least, one person on your List of 20. And, over the course of one month, you’ll have connected with every person on your List of 20.

How long should this take you? About 5 minutes a day.

Of course, if you develop a strong connection right away and your relationship starts to build quickly then you take them off your List of 20 and add them to what I call your Network of 90.

This is where your NETWORKING comes into play (developing deeper relationships with the people you already know).

The reason I suggest you keep a Network of 90 is because it will help you focus on a specific, managable, number of relavant contacts. Again, these are people you already know (or have met) that you’d like to stay in touch with and continue to build stronger relationships. If you focus on the most relevant ninety people in your network along with the twenty people on your List of 20, then you stay below Dunbar’s number of 150 which is a theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships.

You don’t need to know a million people, just the right people who can put business opportunities in front of you. Your job is to earn that business.

Now you’ve got your Network of 90. And, as you might remember from the beginning of this article, I suggested that you do four things each day to build your network and get booked solid.

The first was to reach out to one person on your List of 20 each day. The second, third, and fourth daily action steps will bring you closer to the people in your Network of 90.

Introduce two people in your network who do not yet know each other but might find each other relvant (personally or professionally) and appreciate the introduction.

You might have two people in your Network of 90 who are scratch golfers and they live close to each other. Golfers are always looking for a 4th but they want somebody at their own level. So you might introduce them.

If you are nervous about whether or not you should make the introduction, you might ask each one individually, “I would love to introduce you to a good friend of mine who is also a scratch golfer, would you like me to?”

Or, maybe you know two people that are in the publishing industry or two people in the real estate industry. Both would present excellent opportunities for making an introduction.

Generally, business owners and executives want to continue to move forward in their careers and, to do so, they know it’s essential for them to meet new people. As a result, 9.9 times out of 10 they are going to say “Oh, yes, please do introduce me. Thank you!”

Note: when you make the introduction, share only professional, public contact information unless it’s requested that you share private contact information instead.

Next, each day, share some useful or helpful information with at least one person in your Network of 90. The easiest way to do this is by reading articles in online magazines, journals, and blogs every day, the ones that are most relevant to your network.

When you see an article that is relevant to one of the people in your network, send it to them via email and say, “Hey, Jennifer, I just read this article and I immediately thought of you. It was about ‘this’ and I know you’re very interested in ‘that’ so I thought you might find it valuable. Have you read it? What do you think?” And, now you can get into a conversation with her about the subject matter and, as a result, develop your relationship.

Let’s recap quickly on what we’ve learned thus far. Each day:

• Reach out to one person you do not yet know on your List of 20.
• Introduce two people in your Network of 90.
• Share some information that is useful to one person in your Network of 90.
And, finally, fourth, share compassion with somebody in your network every day by calling or writing them. If you get their voicemail simply say, “I was thinking about you and I know that you are really working hard on your business right now. I just wanted to say if you ever need any support I am here because I just have so much respect for what you are doing.” Or, if you know somebody is going through a tough time, sometimes the most relevant thing to do is to just go and sit with them.

We make the assumption that networking is quid pro quo and that our reputation is based only on the work we do, but it’s not. It’s based on who we are and how we take care of the people around us.

In conclusion, if you do these four things every single day, and if you are relevant to the people that you want to build better relationships with, then you are going to be top of mind when they think of someone who provides the kind of products and services that you do.

This is pretty simple to do, isn’t it?

Understanding The Prep Time & Effort Of The Wedding DJ: By Brian S Redd #BrainSRedd

Understanding The Prep Time & Effort Of The Wedding DJ: By Brian S Redd #BrainSRedd

People appreciate what we do. However, I believe only other DJs understand what we really put into this

The 5 Irrefutable Laws Of Marketing To Brides: By Rick Brewer

Rick Brewer

Rick Brewer

In 20+ years of Marketing to Brides and helping wedding businesses figure out their advertising, I have come up with what I call the 5 Irrefutable, Immutable, Absolutely Rock-Solid Laws of Marketing. These laws may seem simple. Maybe they even seem fundamental. But when followed and adhered, your marketing will take off. It will launch higher and will soar with resultHere are the 5 Rules

Rule #1 of Marketing
If they do not know about you, you cannot be an option in their purchase. Have you ever went to the store to buy something that you had no idea existed? Usually doesn’t happen. Those who find you did so because of your marketing. Those who don’t, well….
Rule #2 of Marketing
You are not their only option so you need to stand out. Unless you have a really really dumb idea for a business, you will have competition. You will always have competition out there. You need to stand out from your competition and make them understand your differences. If you market based upon who you are, you stand a better chance of attracting the brides who will be drawn to what you offer.
Rule #3 of Marketing
You need to speak to them on their level about what matters to them. Speaking about things in industry terms or even worse, what matters to you, will repel your prospects. You need to stop speaking to your prospects like an owner, but start to “speak bride”.
Rule #4
You can only take one step at a time in their process. Most brides have not bought what you sell (or at least in the quantity that you sell it. They may have purchased flowers before, but not as many as they will need for their wedding). Taking her by the hand and showing or telling her what to do next is what you do.
Rule #5
To keep your customer, you need to exceed with your customer. When we get what we expect we are rarely thrilled. Think about how many weddings/brides you have sold in your career, how many were satisfied brides? How many of those refer you on a regular basis. By exceeding expectations, you stand a better chance of getting referrals (we don’t usually or seek after repeat clients in the wedding world )
In my new home study kit: The Wedding Mastermind, I cover how to specifically work with each of the above rules and how to “tweak” your marketing to give you the better results you are looking for this year. In this 12 CD set (and a .pdf 64 Page workbook ) you will find solutions to help you get in front of more brides, and sell more brides. This set will have a limited time offer. Here is the link for the Sales page:
This set is an outstanding value and I will be opening it up to our readers. Check it out to see if you can build your business with this product!

5 Wedding Tips for DJs for Summer 2015: By John Young of the Disc Jockey News

5 Wedding Tips for DJs for Summer 2015: By John Young of the Disc Jockey News

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Bill’s a wedding guest? The Bill and Jason Show #DJNTV #EESeminars

Every Week Bill Hermann and Jason Jones talk about the Mobile DJs in the news, tech, innovation and weird stuff. They also interview mobile DJs who are innovating. Then they goof around a bit sharing their stories and experiences. Keep up on everything Mobile DJ on The Bill and Jason Show

This week Bill and Jason talk about a wedding that Bill attended.

Bill Hermann and Jason Jones are entertainers in the Mobile DJ industry. They also co founded The Entertainment Experience. An international Performance Training and Experience Design company for event performers and producers. Jason Jones is the author of Bar DJ Secrets.

Wedding DJ Sales Tips – Core Services & Value: By Brain S Redd #briansredd

Wedding DJ Sales Tips – Core Services & Value: By Brain S Redd #briansredd

What value can you add to your core services?
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Selecting Music For Weddings & Mixed Crowds – DJ Music Programing Tips: By #BrianSRedd

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