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Engine DJ has announced Engine 3.1, the latest update to its DJ software/operating system for Denon DJ and Numark’s standalone hardware and devices.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the new features of Engine DJ 3.1 – this is one of the most significant Engine DJ releases we’ve put out so far,” says Morgan Donoghue, Vice President of Global Marketing at parent company inMusic. “It’s exciting to also announce that Engine DJ 3.1 will be the inbuilt software for the upcoming Denon DJ PRIME 4+, a brand-new embedded DJ system to be released on June 29. This 4-channel standalone controller highlights all of Engine DJ 3.1’s great new features and also comes with Wi-Fi music streaming from platforms including Amazon Music.”

“Engine DJ 3.1 is one of the biggest updates to the software and adds some exceptional features including our dynamic new Touch FX suite,” says Donoghue. “Users will be able to swipe in any direction on the XY pad to instantly create build-ups, drops, and transitions, and latch these effects to stay focused on the mix. We can’t wait to see what sort of incredible atmospheres DJs create with these additions.”

“Plus, as part of the 3.1 release, the Engine DJ team has also added a suite of best-in-class Main FX into Denon DJ and Numark hardware and devices – giving DJs new dynamic effects including Echo Out, Swell Verb, and Recycler,” says Donoghue. “We heard from the community that our Main FX offerings could be improved, so we took the time to make them truly pop with 26 new and updated effects. We’ve extensively sound designed all of them down to EQ curves, reverb responses, and delays. I can say without a doubt that these effects are ready for world-class DJs straight out of the box.”

“Engine DJ 3.1 also brings the new-to-desktop Smartlist feature, which gives users new, faster ways to build playlists based on custom rules, so they can save hours sorting their music libraries,” says Donoghue. “Of course, as we’ve done every update, more widely we’ve made numerous other fixes and improvements to the Engine DJ software.”

“Engine DJ users are in for a treat when they download the new free update,” says Donoghue. “We update our software more frequently than other technology producers in this space, so that our users stay ahead of the curve. We can’t wait to see how these changes inspire artists across the globe.”