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So a young lady approaches me at one of those weddings where you can see you are amidst a flock of brides-to-be. These are the nights where upping the ante, stretching the old ways of being and doing are not just fun, they are downright rewarding.
Come to think of it, I love playing a variety of music and reaching deep at many events.
Come to think of it, maybe, just maybe experimenting is more my norm. Have you been stretching “you” for improved responses from them? Have you been stretching you to separate you from the competition?
The really neat thing about what we do as DJs is that a change of just 20% can reap returns of 200%. A change can elicit immediate results. Unlike many businesses that have to wait for months or years to see the effects of their incremental business changes, we can watch it unfold minute by minute on the dance floor. We can actually get measurably better on the fly… how’s that for a t-shirt slogan… “I Get Measurably Better On the Fly” – it’s almost a double entendre. Assuming you average 18 songs per hour you’d only have to change 3-4 songs per hour to come up tasting like something other than water. What is so nice is you get immediate “soles” on the floor feedback. You can read the energy level in the room almost right away. How cool is that?
Ok, enough of this conversation. I just want you to see how small changes in your musical choices can make big differences in how people perceive you as a dj. It is one of several factors that really get those brides thinking… “wow, finally something different”. In other words, be careful to not always play to the lowest common denominator. Don’t decide “this crowd” won’t appreciate your pushing their and your limits. All of us can make some incremental changes to raise the bar. Sometimes playing safe sucks and the only time we grow is when we sense a level of discomfort (yeah, the next song might kill the floor). Free your mind and the rest will follow.
Got something that’s holding up your business growth, besides a rough economy? Shoot me an email maybe I’ll address it in an upcoming article.
Dan Nichols is a professional business coach and published author based in Michigan. He also has 18 years of experience as a mobile dj. He’s looking for some entrepreneurs to review free of charge his latest audio release “8 Degrees 2008”. For a free copy email him your contact info at

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