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A planet for Bad DJs and Scoprions on the Bill and Jason Show on #DJNTV #billandjasonshow

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Bill and Jason share a Pennsylvania mans encounter with a scorpion in a Wal-mart. Then they compare 3 stories. One from slate advising would be brides to skip the DJ and the Band and load the iPod for a great reception experience. The next story is from a woman who read the Slate story and took their advice but didn't quite experience the bliss that was promised. And finally a story from a TV station about a couple being stiffed by a “no show” DJ that they paid up front. The story advises paying the majority of your bills on the day of to ensure leverage with vendors if you needed it. Then Jason suggests sending all the bad vendors to Mars. They can build the first colony's along with everyone else in the settle Mars by 2023 project. Mars can't wait to have it's first space trailer park.

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