The PAR Z100 Series offer a modern LED twist to the traditional halogen Par Can. They are powered by potent 100W C.O.B. (Chip On Board) LEDs. The Par Z100 3K has a warm white LED with a color temperature of 3000K, while the Par Z100 5K’s cool white LED is at 5700K. Their output is comparable to a 1000W halogen sealed beam Par. It is equipped with 5 different beam angle options that may be changed by hand. powerCON In/Out allows for the fixture to be daisy chained, while 5-pin DMX control offers a variable strobe rate and 5 different dimming curve options.

The Par Z100 Series allows lighting and stage designers the look of the traditional stage par with the technological conveniences of modern day lighting. The advantages include low power draw, fixture and performers won’t get hot on stage, DMX control of dimming and strobe. There are no dimmer controllers need. The fixture comes with a gel frame in which diffusion filters may be inserted to further change the beam angle.