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Have you heard this phrase before? It’s an often-heard phrase in business when one is so bogged down in the decision-making process that they fail to act on what they are trying to decide upon…sometimes until it’s too late and they lose that window of opportunity. I have a friend of mine who says that he can’t join Facebook yet because he needs to study it and decide what the best course of action is or if he even wants to be on Facebook.
Some decisions in life are simple…what to eat for breakfast, which way to drive to go to work, to shave or not to shave in the morning….others are more complicated. Being on Facebook definitely falls under the former category and not the latter. Now, we can all jump in the discussion of “why” to be on Facebook for your personal life…and there are “Pros” and “Cons” to it I suppose, but for business, this should be a split-second decision and you should move forward. The advantages FAR outweigh the disadvantages.
Take a look at your own business…do you suffer from Analysis Paralysis? Maybe you’ve failed to launch your website or blog because you want it to be “just so”. Maybe it’s a new business card design or booth setup? What about those customers you could have sent to your blog yesterday that wanted to know more about your service? Without one launched, it’s more difficult to showcase your business. It’s understandable to want to spend time in the development phase with anything worthwhile, and that doesn’t mean I recommend throwing any item of your business up willy-nilly, however…analysis paralysis shouldn’t prevent you from succeeding in business and losing out on opportunities.
Let’s look at ways to overcome Analysis Paralysis. In your decision-making process, ask yourself these questions.
1. What is crucial to making my decision succeed?
2. What items of this decision must be decided before I act upon the decision?
3. What could hurt the most later to change about my decision?
4. What could realistically go right and wrong?
Here are 4 tips to help you answer these questions in your own business.
1. Set a deadline for when you want to act…and STICK TO IT.
2. Ask for help by asking a friend or colleague who’s a bit more spontaneous to give your idea a look.
3. Make decisions in your personal life faster. This will hopefully carry over to your business life.
4. Start small. Create the to-do list and start with smaller items first. Once they are scratched off, that will give you momentum to attack the bigger ideas and items on your list.
There’s an old saying that goes failing to plan is planning to Fail. Analysis Paralysis has shown us…too much can be as crippling as not enough. Bottom line…To think is to create but it takes action to DO. As the famous slogan for Nike says….JUST DO IT!
Mitch Taylor is a 17 year veteran of the mobile disc jockey industry and got his start working on the cruise ships of Carnival Cruise Lines. He is a member of the American Disc Jockey Association and WED Guild™. Mitch owns and operates Taylored Entertainment in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and can be reached at 906-786-6967. Mitch can be reached at

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