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BASSBOSS Loudspeakers releases the SSP215-MKII Low-Profile Subwoofer. The demand for bass is often in conflict with the demand for space, and in general a subwoofer’s size is proportional to its deep-bass output. The SSP215-MKII isn’t a small subwoofer: it’s a powerful subwoofer with a small frontal dimension. The smallest frontal dimension is only 17.5″, allowing multiple placement options for expansive bass in a constricted space.

Some applications leave very little room for loudspeakers but still demand deep and powerful low frequency output. When subwoofers have to be shoehorned under stages or tucked under low ceilings, the expectation is that extended low frequency response and/or output will suffer. Not so with the SSP215-MKII.

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The SSP215-MKII is tuned low, providing frequency response that’s -3dB at 35Hz. It features long-excursion, low distortion woofers. These allow it to deliver high SPL at frequencies lower than many double 18″ cabinets, which is much lower than other 15″ and/or 12″ cabinets that would fit in the same tight spaces.

The SSP215-MKII can fit under low stages, be flown in low ceilings, and thanks to its 16 integrated M10 fly points can be tucked in corners or between furniture where larger boxes wouldn’t fit. But it’s not tiny. The choice was made to make one dimension as small as possible while making the others as small as practical.

The 18mm plywood cabinet is 29.5″ deep. Several factors contributed to the choice of this dimension. As there’s rarely a limit on how much space is available behind the front edge of a stage, 29.5″ will usually fit between ceiling joists on at least 3’ centers. This is also a handy truck-pack size for production work, allowing the transport carts to be 30″ to protect the cabinets and leave room for the covers while also being able to roll through 32″ doorways ready to play.

With up to 6 cabinets on each cart, it’s another way to put a lot of bass in a little space. All the connectors are recessed into the back of the cabinet and all cooling can be accomplished through the port so no additional depth beyond 30″ is required when they’re in use. The third dimension is 48″, allowing room for a large, free-flowing port and enough interior volume to be acoustically efficient.

When not needing to be tucked into tight spaces, the SSP215-MKII remains extremely versatile. A stack 3-high is only 4’4″ high (52″) and a cardioid mode is available with the center cabinet reversed. Whether hidden or in plain sight, the SSP215-MKII will immerse packed dance floors in deep and punchy bass.

15″ woofers are often preferred for their articulation and impact. The SSP215-MKII puts tremendous power and deep tuning behind its waterproof fiber matrix cones to add the extended depth that more experienced customers demand. Each 15″ woofer has a 4″ voice coil with a power handling rating of 1500W RMS and 3000W program.

How much power is tremendous power? A 4000W RMS amplifier. This is a continuous rating, not a peak or burst rating. The amplifier is equipped with a comprehensive digital signal processor that provides high-pass, low-pass and limiting functions as well as integrating the alignment with all other BASSBOSS subs and tops, thus eliminating the need for outboard processing.
Finished in extremely tough black textured polyurea coating, the enclosure also features four large rubber feet and corresponding recesses in the top to facilitate interlocking the boxes with each other and also with the BASSBOSS SSP218 Powered Subwoofer when stacked.

The feet interlock with the transport carts helping to ensure the cabinets get in and out of venues safely and unscathed. The woofers are protected by powder-coated, perforated steel grilles. A top-mounted pole socket provides for mid-high loudspeakers to be mounted on a straight speaker pole above the subwoofer.

A subwoofer with amazing presence and heavyweight power isn’t what you’d expect from a low-profile double-15″. Now you can get deep bass without sacrificing needed space.

BASSBOSS® Powered Loudspeakers provide next-level, proprietary protection processing, allowing extended high-power operation. Optimized cabinet design, premium quality drivers, power-matched amplification and comprehensive DSP ensure that no matter the demand, they keep their cool, keep their character and keep on working.

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