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Ah, the dreaded DANCE CIRCLE! It's when a group forms a circle on a dance floor, and someone goes into the middle to show off their best moves. After a few seconds, they leave – sometimes pointing out the next star to perform – sometimes not. Ideally the next person jumps right in and does their killer moves, but sometimes there's an awkward pause while people either muster up courage or want to wait to see who the next person in will be.

Some DJ's HATE the dance circle — it locks up your dance floor with an unorganized activity that you can't really control, can stall the party, and even force some to sit down. From the guests' perspective, it can be fun at first, but if it drags on for more than 1 or 2 songs, folks get bored and might peel away.

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I think that dance circles are great, especially when they happen organically! However if they run on, they can get your crowd stuck in a rut… and I like to use one of the following tactics to move on to other fun:

1) Play a track for which everyone knows the moves (line dance or similar)
2) Start a conga line
3) Play a slow dance song
4) Move an activity up in the schedule

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