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Rick Brewer
Rick Brewer
As I have traversed this great country of ours in the past month, I have seen one of two typical patterns of thought:
Brides are out there and plentiful (or known as Abundance)
The brides are gone (or their budgets are) and are therefore scarce.
Here is something interesting: In each of the cities I have spoken to, I have had both sets of thoughts in the same room. In other words, some folks truly feel that the brides are out there and still spending money, while others have truly felt that they couldn’t buy a bride if they had to.
By the way- if you missed the headline…. THE RECESSION IS NOT ONLY OVER…… It was over last June. If you’re like most wedding vendors, the announcement that the recession is (was) over comes only as an annoyance.
Back to the main message- Some are finding brides or at least seeing that the brides are out there while others are not. There are four main reasons why this is happening.
1. Those who do not feel like brides are out there accept their situation as global rather than simply local to themselves. Because something bad is happening to them, it has to be happening all around so as not to implicate them in their businesses. These businesses have typically had what I call “Money Issues” (they find reasons not to invest in the things like advertising, education, and associations as they do not want to part with their money) and will be stuck until they overcome these issues.
2. The businesses that see brides out there may not be experiencing a great influx of business. Still, they are determined to go get the business and take it personally that their competition is getting the business, not them (I like this “fighter” mentality- their competition are getting their brides and they’re mad~!)
3. Those who are not getting the business are looking down rather than looking out- they are looking at the demise of life and the demise of their businesses. Because they are looking down, that is their exact direction. This looking down can be caused by three things: Their physical state (they are sick, unhealthy or simply inactive and therefore do not have enough motion or momentum in their lives) their environmental circumstances (those around them are negative, those around them have drama, or simply those around them who are near and dear are going through a rough patch. Sometimes this can be caused by traumatic occurrences such as death or loss which cannot be avoided, but can be overcome. And the third thing is they are mentally negative people trained to go left in life rather than right. They have been trained to look for the negative instead of look for the possible.
4. Ego- whether you are trying to prove you are right or trying to prove everyone else is wrong, it is because you want to be viewed how you want to be viewed. There are some folks who are bent on making the world like them as well as have everyone see that they are right for being in the situation they are in.
Here is a homework assignment: Go to your local county clerk and find out how to get a marriage license. Then ask them to give you the record for the past few years of marriage licenses issued so you can see how many have actually been issued . You will then see if the trends for licenses match your trends. I understand that this is but one dynamic of the Wedding Industry, but I also know that brides out there who will spend money and they may as well be spending that money with you.
Take the time to do a mental check of where you are: remember where you think is where you will eventually act. Act towards the positive results that you and your business deserve.
Until next time, here’s to your Success!