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Here is your FREE comprehensive tutorial on the Denon DJ Prime 2. If you own this unit and are puzzled by some of its features or not sure how to start, or if you're considering buying it and want a proper, detailed talkthrough of every feature, this complete 90-minute tutorial has what you need.

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Denon DJ Prime 2 Training Tutorial table of contents:

4:04 Setting up
6:08 Order of plugging in
6:49 Mounting & ejecting media
8:02 Touchscreen overview
11:39 Mixer channels overview
12:36 Filter knobs
13:54 Headphone cue buttons
14:28 Channel faders & crossfader
15:03 Master level meters
15:31 More headphone controls
18:09 Platters overview
20:03 Track Skip buttons
20:35 Beat Jump buttons
21:51 Track search
22:13 Play/pause & Cue
24:55 Stop Yime knob
25:50 Sync, Key Lock & Tempo controls
28:35 Tempo Range
28:52 Slip mode
30:05 Beatgridding
30:39 Censor & Reverse
31:50 Performance Pads overview
32:50 Auto Loop & Loop Move
34:35 Manual Looping
35:46 Effects demonstration
46:17 Microphone controls
47:12 Input & output controls
48:48 Mic & Aux peak meters
49:12 Front of unit controls
50:52 Track overview & waveform
53:42 Needle drop
54:13 Waveform zooming
54:28 Changing track key
54:58 Toolbar features
56:07 Library overview
58:52 Loading & Preparing Tracks
59:59 Using Search
1:01:03 Filter Searches
1:02:18 Ordering searches
1:03:09 Creating Crates & Playlists
1:04:05 Track preview
1:04:43 How to use sync
1:06:25 Key sync
1:07:16 Hot cues
1:08:24 Saving Loops
1:09:08 Auto Loop Mode
1:09:47 Loop Roll
1:11:19 Slicer Loop & Slicer
1:14:08 Utility menu talkthrough
1:18:48 Using streaming services
1:20:52 Preferences menu talkthrough
1:27:39 Changing deck colours
1:28:04 Recording your sets


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