On paper, the Denon DJ Prime 4 is the most powerful standalone DJ system ever made – no laptop required! DJing from USB, SD or SATA hard drive, you get four full channels of digital audio, a big touchscreen that’s smooth and responsive, and pretty much all the performance features you find on the best DJ software.

Hardware, it seems, is finally catching up with the “software plus controller” method of DJing that has been the most fun way to do this for a decade now. And it’s Denon DJ, not the current stalwart of the DJ booth Pioneer DJ, currently leading the way.

We check out the Prime 4 in this review. We've also listed the sections below so you can skip to the parts you want to check out.

00:24 – Introduction
02:12 – Overview Of The Unit
03:33 – The 10″ Touchscreen
10:47 – Playing & Performing
11:11 – Library Management
14:53 – The Decks
21:22 – The Performance Pads
26:32 – Editing Beatgrids
27:32 – The Effects
35:13 – Mixer & Sweep FX
36:48 – Under The Hood
40:46 – Engine Prime Software
43:18 – Conclusion

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