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Event DJs have a lot of stuff! From bags to boxes. To flight cases and pouches, it’s easy to misplace items or, worse yet, have something stolen. The other night I experienced a DJ's worst nightmare. I accidentally left my DJ laptop bag on the grass next to where I was loading in at the venue! It was dark, and I couldn't see my black bag lying here after loading the more oversized items. I usually pack my laptop bag first on the passenger seat, but since I was using a small SUV (the truck is getting repaired), I had to use that space for other gear first so the laptop didn't get crushed. This resulted in me driving away and leaving the bag behind. I got a mile or so down the road when my phone sent an alert that I had left my DJ bag behind. My apple air tag saved the day. I turned around and grabbed my bag before anyone had taken it or before I had gotten home and noticed.

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