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There are four models in the “PX HEX” Series, each offering a different combination of LED power and casing finish. The 5PX HEX features five 12W HEX LEDs housed in a compact case that is ideal for truss warming as well as up-lighting duties where a powerful wash is required from an unobtrusive fixture. The 5PX HEX PEARL offers the same arrangement of LEDs and casing design, but with an eye-catching all-white exterior finish.

For situations where a more powerful wash is required, the 12PX HEX packs twelve 12W HEX LEDs into what is still a relatively compact unit. It generates a potent beam of colored light that is ideal for stage lighting applications as well as for up-lighting large venues. An all-white model – the 12PX HEX PEARL – is also available, which is perfect for installation in white-themed venues as well as for temporary use at events such as weddings.

Thanks to their use of the latest HEX LED technology, all of the “PX HEX” Series fixtures offer a huge gamut of color possibilities. Each LED combines red, green, blue, amber, white and UV elements, which can be mixed together in any combination of intensities to generate a vast spectrum of colors and hues. These include both cool and warm white, as well as UV-infused colors such as hot pink, lime green and electric blue. The inclusion of the UV element also means that the fixture can create the classic ‘black light’ effect that causes white and neon-colored surfaces to glow brightly.