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John shows one of the sound systems covering the Fargo Marathon 2023. This system featured three Electro Voice Everse 8 speakers and a Roland 707M DJ Controller. The controller and laptop were powered by a Jacker 880 watt unit, while the Everse 8 speakers were powered by Ryobi 300 watt inverters.

In past tests, the Everse would easily run 5 hours at the volume we were using for the day. The unknown is how long we would be at mile 25 as the last runners came to finish the race. I wanted to be sure we had up to 12 hours of runtime for this event and location.

We started this location at 9:45 am and wrapped up the sound at 3:30 pm. None of the inverters were fully discharged; the Jackery was down to 40%, Ryobi batteries were down to about 30%.

Here are the links to check out the products used in this video to check prices.

Jackery Explorer 880 Home Depot:
Jackery Explorer 100 Amazon:
Ryobi 300 Watt, 40 volt inverter with battery:
Roland 707M:
Pro X White Speaker Stands:
K&M White Speaker Stand:
No name white speaker stand:

Fully Remote DJ Show: Battery Powered Everse 8 Roland 707M Running on Jackery and Ryobi Inverters