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DJs that delight their clients get more positive reviews, more referrals, and even tips — but more importantly, they help make awesome memories at their events! A tool called the Kano Model can help DJs understand what truly delights their customers. Borrowed from marketing, product development, and lean six sigma/process optimization, this tool reviews factors that relate to customer satisfaction. The Kano Model uses three curves to describe behavior:

1) Must-haves = base expectation. Without it, you're not happy. With it, you're just neutral.
2) Performance = the more you have, the more you're happy.
3) Delighters = without it, you're neutral, you don't miss it. If it's present, you are delighted!

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In the video, I talk about how to use this model to know what a true delighter is, and to help you come up with unique ideas to delight your customers!

Content provided by Kevin Summers, owner and DJ at Smilestones DJ Services (

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