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As we move out of the Pandemic, it’s healthy to know where to focus your finite attention if you want the biggest positive shifts.
These questions have helped me and my clients a lot in recent times to be ready with a running start for the changes ahead.

1. What’s missing in your life?
Common ailments from a year of Pandemic can easily include connection with others, fitness, travel, real time off, and fun. Unless you live alone, a little time away from loved ones might also be on your list!! We all have other things.

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2. Who do you NOT want to be in the next 6 months?
What are some things about your life and/or yourself that you would love to leave behind? This doesn’t have to be a question exclusive to the end of a year: you can start today. Look at areas where you developed some unhelpful habits.
I’d also urge you to think about the positive changes that have happened over the past 12 months. Many people will revert to behaving the way they did pre-Lock Down unwittingly assuming it was all better then. Yet that included too much busyness, commuting, and a lack of presence or time with loved ones.

3. What do you most want and what’s your biggest obstacle?
Dreaming is legal. It’s not just for children. You get one go at life. If you start small and persevere, remarkable change is achievable for you (provided you have a growth not a fixed mindset). But only if you complete the final question and keep that identity top of mind because taking action is not enough.
The biggest obstacle is usually looking at us in the mirror. Yes, time and money are easy answers but resourcefulness, drive, learning, patience, persistence and a state of flow belong high on most lists.
Lasting change comes from a paradigm shift:
What do I mean? The real purpose to these questions is to uncover that how you see yourself is probably the biggest obstacle. And addressing this includes identifying and facing down some fear. It includes changing a way of how you label or look at yourself that does not empower you to grow and breakthrough.

4. To what % (extent) do you think you’re trying to fulfill your potential during this one life?
This can be a hard one to face because it might well force you to concede that often you’ve not been playing full out. The scariest part to this topic is that most people are not in the habit of even trying to fulfill their potential. They are getting by and often taking the path of least resistance because it feels easier in that moment.
Can you imagine what it would be like if we lived in a world where everyone was doing their best almost all the time? Where you could FEEL it? Everywhere you shopped, people were bending over backward to make you happy? People were holding the door open for each other? Showing the utmost respect and consideration for one another because they actually genuinely cared about your wellbeing? Where your kids would meticulously clean up the whole house without being asked? This is something you can start right now.
b) How do you really feel about your %?
Hopefully it is a wake up to know you are capable of much more before you die. Or a sign you’re on an excellent trajectory.

5. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
This is my favorite question. At any stage in these questions, find a time to journal/reflect whenever you need it. Getting clear is a process and there’s no common timeline.

6. What type of person do you need to become in order to make this happen? (Then pick top two)
Feel free to list as many things here as you want. However, select the top two things to focus on first. More than two things will dilute your results fast. It doesn’t mean you can’t keep a brief eye on other areas and take some action on them. But your brain can only hold onto a few thoughts at any one time. You want them to laser onto you becoming (e.g.) increasingly healthy, an increasingly effective prospector, increasingly confident etc. You can always change this over time.

Hopefully at least one of your main areas induces some FEAR and nervousness. This is GOOD because you FOCUS better when you’re afraid. People who achieve more do more things that are uncomfortable. They have had to build that muscle the same as everyone else.

I dearly hope you answer the questions. I was surprised by the candor and excited by the clarity it brought me.

Once you’ve picked your top two identities from question six, then you want to identify 1-3 daily/weekly action items so you can start to prove to your brain that you’re becoming this type of person.

Let me know what works for you.

Best to you!
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