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Last month we talked about the couple who made a change in the life of people they don’t even know and donated their $2500 food budget for their reception to Haiti for disaster relief. They felt empowered by their decision and grateful for the opportunity to do it. They impacted others on a global scale. How can you make an outward change in your business and your fellow DJ?
First…let’s examine how you can make an outward change in your fellow DJ. First…here’s how NOT to do it.
Don't call every DJ you know…pretending to be a groom and trying to hear their “sales pitch”. It’s not effective and dishonest.
Don't form or join a local group or association; TELL DJs what to do or how much to charge. That’s probably the quickest way to ruin any membership base as such.
DON’T come together every month with fellow DJs and spew negativity. It will get you nowhere fast.
Making an outward change in your fellow DJ is about leadership. Leadership is best done in most cases when you lead by example….NOT by words. If people see that you are successful and truly desire to become better…they will ask you how to do what you do. Show them the way. Befriend them. It doesn’t mean you have to teach them everything you know…just point them in the right direction to the resources that you have used to get where you are at in your business and see if they have the same drive, desire and determination to put in the work to get there. Give them the road map…..then let them drive. Encourage them and become their biggest fan when they succeed. Several DJ organizations such as MAPDJ, ADJA chapters and the like have grown exponentially by following this simple creed over the past years. Givers Gain.
Today, I received a Facebook message from a fellow DJ in my area that illustrates this perfectly, and they wrote, “Hey Mitch! I’ve been getting your phone messages and emails. I’m at a weird place in my life right now; don’t give up on me!! LOL! I do still plan on coming to your meetings and eventually joining ADJA! I will most likely be doing that in the summer. Please keep the invites coming!” You never know your impact on someone’s life, and your timing may be off…but if you make a meaningful impact, you can change lives with random acts of kindness and caring.
How do you make an outward change in your own business? Simple. Use a similar approach by keeping the same creed in mind. Givers gain.
When was the last time you did something FOR your customers? Most people think sending a card to their clients on their birthday or jotting down their favorite song in a planning meeting is doing something “FOR” their customer. I believe that approach is doing something “TO” their customers and NOT “FOR” them. Doing something “FOR” your clients means expecting nothing in return and also opening for communication between the two of you. Call them and see how you can help in their event planning. Do they need referrals for other vendors? What would help take away some of the stress they are under?
We covered the DON’T; now, let’s cover the dos.
DO call every DJ you know and ask them how you can help them and positively impact the clients seeking the best in entertainment in your area. FACE IT…”YOU” can’t do EVERY event.
DO lead by example in everything you do…..Walk the Walk instead of Talking the Talk.
DO keep a positive attitude about your profession and the role you serve. Positivity is contagious!
Ultimately that’s what sales is….solving problems for people. Never forget that you are in the “people” business…NOT the DJ business.
Mitch Taylor is an 18-year veteran of the mobile disc jockey industry, starting out on the cruise ships of Carnival Cruise Lines. He is a member of the American Disc Jockey Association and WED Guild™. Mitch owns and operates Taylored Entertainment in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and can be reached at 906.786.6967 or via email at

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