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Rick Brewer
Rick Brewer
If you can’t measure it, You won’t Manage it
In my past life, I worked at a place where my boss constantly said, “ If you want to manage it better, you need to measure it better.” Truer words have rare been spoken. I realized that if you don’t measure what you’re doing, you won’t be able to manage what you are doing. If you cannot manage what you are doing, you will live your life at 50%.
Think about the following areas:
•Your daily activities
Your Monthly Results
•Your Bottom Line-what you need to do constantly to be able to crack that monthly nut
Now, think, are you properly measuring these areas. Maybe you work for someone else, and they don’t make you measure these areas. Either way, by measuring what you do daily, compared with monthly results, and understanding your bottom line figures, you will drive yourself significantly by simply knowing these statistics.
Daily activities equal monthly results. Monthly results equal your bottom line.
Start by working this formula backward. Find out exactly what you need to be able to keep the lights on and gas in your tank. This should include your monthly salary (Your monthly salary should be enough to cover your personal expenses + 10%. Anything extra can be laid out as a commission or bonus payable when you hit profit). Once you figure out this number, find out how many average customers you need to make this number happen. Once you have your average number of customers, find out the daily activities you need to work to make them come to life.
This is an important exercise. 70% of small businesses cannot name their monthly bottom line number within 5%. By following this exercise, you will be better able to determine better what you do daily and push yourself to a higher level of success and happiness and satisfaction within your career.
As we go into a new year, I challenge each of you to sit down and take the quiz on :
I would challenge you to look particularly at the number of weddings/brides you sold last year and the average cost per sale. These two figures will become two parts of your monthly scorecard. When you start measuring these two figures, you can easily target to get above them. Let me put it this way; imagine you are a baseball player who wants to do better next year. For them to simply say, “I want to do better,” it would be hard to measure at the end of the following season whether or not they hit their goal without first having a scorecard or some manageable numbers such as batting average, runs scored, win/loss record, etc… By starting out 2010 with some manageable numbers such as weddings/brides sold in 2009, average sale, etc… you will be able to chart whether or not you “do better” in 2010.
If you are having difficulty figuring this out, I am available to help. Send me an email of where you need help in starting.
Until then, I remain dedicated to your success!

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