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Five years ago John Young told me he was putting together a new publication for the DJ Industry. He asked me if I’d like to be a regular contributor. I thought, Yeah what the heck, I can do that. 750 words a month, easy right?
Well, it has been. Easy and fun. I enjoy the discipline involved in sitting down every few weeks and penning an article and getting it out to John before his deadlines. And I enjoy the feedback that I get from my readers, both the positive stuff and yes, even then negative stuff. I’m proud to say that in the Disc Jockey News’ long running history I’ve only missed three issues.
One of my earliest challenges was finding a title for my column. I have to thank my good friend (and fellow “Jersey Boy”) Marcello for coming up with “The Q Corner.” I loved it the second I heard it because it describes my business philosophy perfectly: “Where Quality Meets Quantity.”
I feel this has almost become a crusade for me. It’s an issue I find myself in the middle of constantly, that Multi-Op Mobile DJ Companies CAN stand for the right things in this industry. We CAN be ethical. We CAN charge a respectable fee. And we CAN make our industry a better place.
Peter Merry has said publicly that he had a poor opinion of Multi-Ops before he met me. He thought we were all bottom-feeders and that we all did things like bait and switch to our clients. But meeting me and my staff and seeing how we operate changed his opinion. I was flattered when I heard that but it also makes me realize that not everyone with a poor opinion of Multi-Ops is going to have the opportunity that Peter Merry had of seeing my operation. So how do we go about changing all those opinions?
It’s a conversation I have often with other Multi-Op owners who, by the way, run their organizations just as professionally as I do. Elite Entertainment is by no means the exception. There’s plenty of us out here, like Denon and Doyle in Pleasant Hill California and Spinnin Discs in Chicago, just to name two. I talk to my good friend Adrian Cavlan about this all the time. He co-owns Sound In Motion DJs in Santa Cruz California and we are the two big Multi-Op flag-wavers on Mark Ferrell’s great chat board “Disc Jockey America.” Adrian and I discuss how we got here, and more importantly how we can turn it all around.
And so if this article has helped that cause over the last five years I am proud of that. And I will continue. I will continue addressing issues that matter to Multi-Ops and thus, probably should matter to Single Ops as well. For example when I tell Multi-Op owners that they are crazy not to have regular staff meetings, I would hope a Single-Op would read that and think, “do I do something regularly to improve my craft?” That’s what our meetings do, they make sure that once a month myself and my staff are thinking, “what can we do to get better at what we do?” That’s a question anyone with a desire to succeed should be asking. At our latest meeting I had a Chiropractic come in to talk to us about proper lifting and posture. He gave us some simple stretches we could do in the parking lot of our car before we get out to start loading in. That’s just an example of the things I try to cover with my staff to make sure they are as fully prepared as any DJ could ever be.
So for my regular readers, I thank you for checking me out once a month. I love it when I get an email or a text that says (to the effect) “your recent article struck a nerve – thanks!” That’s the best I can ask for. If I can make you think or question one of your business practices, then my 750 words every month have meant something. And if not, turn the page, I’m sure one of the other great writers in this publication will getcha!
If there’s a topic you’d like to see me discuss in this space, send me an email and let me know. Next month I understand there’s a “theme” of Bridal Shows. My biggest challenge will be keeping myself to just 750 words. At Elite Entertainment we do about 45 showcases a year and other than “word-of-mouth,” they are the biggest reason for our continued success.
Mike Walter is the owner of Elite Entertainment of New Jersey and a nationally recognized expert in the area of multisystem company development and staff training. You can contact Mike at

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