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Live With Your Questions! Question and Answer Night: Tuesday Night With Ben Stowe #djntv
The questions could include:
1. what should I look for in a projector that can do really good gobos for my wedding clients?
2. Is there any new lighting technology that will change our shows in the next two years?
3. Do I need gold-tipped speaker cables as home theatre uses?
4. How is gaff tape different that common duct tape?
5. Are the NLFX Backpacks still available?
6. What is the best way to have powered, wireless sound around a city park where everyone is inside a 200-foot by 200-foot space?
7. What is the best way to test Duracell batteries?
8. What is the best gear cart money can buy?
9. Is it true your snot can freeze in your nose in the winter in Bemidji?
10. When can we expect new gear to be hitting like pre-covid times?
11. Thoughts on short throw projectors?
12. Are there options to get 90 degree connections on my wires?

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