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Fidelity Media today announced the release of MegaSeg 6.2.2, their professional DJ and radio automation app for Mac. This update adds 60 improvements to the over 110 improvements since 6.2 was released last October, which featured support for macOS Monterey with a resigned dark mode and better accessibility.

Changes in MegaSeg 6.2.2 include new MIDI maps for Numark and Hercules DJ controllers, the ability to add comment tags to Insert URL events, support for capturing metadata from more streams, better feedback when dropping tracks from, optimized importing of large folders, precise ‘time-to-play’ in the queue, better support for moving multi-selected tracks using shortcuts, faster preview playback, and optimized scheduling of very long playlists.

With a focus on squashing bugs and improving stability, this release also refined and fixed issues including restoring Apple Music’s original volume after each use, the Library’s title sort now groups artists and duplicates, the folders view and missing files reports support multi-select, and various stability fixes during drag-and-drop, app launching, switching, and quitting, among other fixes.

Native support for Apple Silicon M1 chips was another key feature recently added, as well as a video preview within the edit dialog to set custom chapter markers, the category list displays assigned colors, cue sheet metadata support for long mix tracks, exporting radio station logs to SoundExchange, and the ability to automatically insert podcasts directly from Apple Podcasts.

MegaSeg 6.2.2 Highlights

• Added MIDI presets for the Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 and Numark Mixtrack Quad.
• After playing an Apple Music track, the initial volume is restored.
• Multi-select is now supported in the folders and missing files views.
• Importing large folders is about 15% faster with accurate progress.
• Dropping tracks from now displays a category option and import results.
• Insert URL events can include comments, such as a show name.
• Added support for capturing metadata from more streams.
• Library’s title sort now groups artists and duplicates.
• The time until a track plays is shown precisely in the playlist queue.
• Heavily optimized editing and scheduling very long playlists.
• Faster previewing of selected tracks.

See the complete release notes at

Pro and DJ Edition Features

MegaSeg is available in two editions. The DJ edition focuses on core live mixing via visual beat syncing with multitouch gestures, multiple outputs for headphone preview, MIDI control, automatic volume, advanced categorization, track logging, and (aka iTunes) playlist integration. MegaSeg Pro adds automated music scheduling, events to insert tracks, IDs, or messaging, rules for applying artist separations, video playback with ambient visuals, hot keys for triggering sound effects, request lists with reminder notes, and other advanced features for professional DJs and VJs, radio stations, and hospitality businesses. (See for a full comparison.)

Pricing and Availability

MegaSeg Pro and DJ editions can be purchased at for $199 and $99 USD respectively. MegaSeg DJ is also available on the Mac App Store. Older versions of MegaSeg Pro and DJ editions can be upgraded for $69 and $29 respectively. MegaSeg is compatible with any Mac running macOS 10.6 and higher, including macOS Monterey with Apple Silicon.

About Fidelity Media

Located in Champaign-Urbana Illinois, Fidelity Media was founded in 1998 with a vision to simplify music mixing and library management for performance and recreational industries. Its flagship product, MegaSeg spearheaded the digital music revolution, with over 24 years of research and development which cultivated a rock solid and user-friendly interface that has become the premier Mac-based DJ and broadcast automation software used in over 110 countries.

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