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Michael Lenstra
Michael Lenstra
I used to work with an elderly man who had a saying. It went “When you save your dimes, you can spend your dollars.” Translation: Little things can add up to bigger things. He had the proof to back it up. By the time I got to know him, he was retired and doing some part time delivery work just to keep himself active. He had been a career dump truck driver for a local sand and gravel company. His wife created ads for a weekly penny-saver type shopper’s guide. Not the kind of jobs you would expect to lead your way to a wealthy lifestyle but their final home – the fifth that they built – was a four bedroom, five bathroom house located on a scenic two and a half acre lot. Every three to four years they would buy a new vehicle and pay cash. With both their homes and their autos they would do little nickel and dime things to ensure they would get maximum dollar when they sold or traded them in.

I bring this up not to give financial advice but rather as a reminder that little things can add to sizeable things in many different ways. With that thought I reached out to some that I know in our business – both in my local group and many of those that I have gotten to meet or know personally across the country – and asked if they would share a reminder of some of those little nuggets that can add up to bigger things for the Mobile DJ. Here’s a few:

”First piece of equipment you should buy is a cart with wheels.”
Josh Byrnes/Beats By Byrnes. Platteville WI

“Everyone is watching, not just the client and their guests: valet parkers, bussing people, waiters, banquet captains, catering staff, other vendors (photo, video, planners,etc.)… treat those people well and it will come back to you.”
Alan Berg/Speaker/Author

“Work smarter not harder. 20 shows a year at $3,000 each is better than 60 shows at $1,000 each.”
Scott Siewert/Full Tilt DJs/ Madison WI

“Solid state hard drives won’t shut off if the kids go ham at prom on the gym floor.”
Tony Fassbinder/ Dubuque Disc Jockeys. Dubuque IA

“Your music is your most important piece of equipment.”
Susan Mel/Sue The DJ, Chicago, IL

“Dress for the event!”
Nick Hahn/Promo Only

“Have a Plan B for Your Plan B.”
Rob Hall/Diskotek, Peosta IA

“Remember you are a person before you are a DJ. Spend just as much, if not more, time developing relationships as you do your library or DJ skills!”
Gerry Siracusa/Golden Note Entertainment, Wayne NJ

“Call your venue and arrange a set up time. Nothing worse than having to wait … then scurry to get set up because the door was locked.” John Deggendorf/Pulse Productions, Dubuque

“Networking with your local industry professionals is essential!”
Greg Lowder/Affairs To Remember, Seattle WA

“1.It’s about the couple 2.Nobody cares about what you wanna hear. 3.Be in their moment.”
Lucas Henrichs/Lucas Henrichs Events, Fairbury, IL

“Carry a backup device to your backup device”
Brandon Noel/Brandon’s Sound Check. Dubuque

“I don't care how tired you are, at the end of the night smile. While you're packing up your wires and your equipment, smile. I promise you if you don't someone will see that and take it to mean that you didn't have a good time. I know we're there to work but they feel we should be having a good time as well.”
Jay Kacik/Standing Room Only, Denver, CO

Great advice from those that have been in the biz for many years. Feel free to add one yourself.

Until next week,