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Michael Lenstra
Michael Lenstra
I've seen a lot of gig logs or live streams popping up in my feeds lately. So What's the point?
Is there something you've found that you're willing to share with others that will help them with their performance or events, or are you looking for applause?
“Way to rock it, dude!”
“You're killing it!”
“You are awesome, bro!”

If the reason you're a mobile DJ is predominantly to quell your insecurities and look for some love, you're in the biz for all the wrong reasons. It's all about them, not you.
Or it's something unique you're trying to share. A great segue or a great mix? Most often, I'm just not seeing it.
Some of these gig logs are like recapping a football game with a little comic effect added. They remind me of an ESPN postgame show. With the arrival of AI, maybe you could dub those videos with the cloned voice of Chris “Boomer” Berman: “And they could dance …. all …. night …. long!”
It's much the same with the live videos. “Look,” the poster wants to say, ‘I've packed the dance floor!” But he (or she) is playing the Cupid Shuffle.
Really, how ingenious?

A little later, they're back live-streaming the grand finale. Again, everyone is in a circle, singing along with Sweet Caroline or Piano Man.

Wow! Thanks for the tip. I would never have thought of that.
If this is you, be advised that you're not enlightening the world. You're showing us you're as generic as the toilet paper at Dollar Tree. Mcdonald's sells over two billion hamburgers a year. Will they be mentioned when the subject of fine dining is discussed? Welcome to their class.

This is not to say that live streaming or gig logs have no value—case in point: Brian S. Redd, who has over 3500 videos posted on his Youtube channel. Many of them are gig logs (two in the last month). There is nearly always something of value in them. Watch and learn.
One thing no one will ever accuse Brian of is putting content out there for applause. There's a reason he has over 63,000 subscribers.

In the darkest days of the pandemic, some in our field had to mix while being quarantined, so they took to live streaming. There were some great and unique mixes put out there. Brian Harris and Michael Joseph come to mind. So if you're going to gig log or live stream, give us something like that – something that'll help make your fellow mobile DJs better rather than something that's meant entirely to showcase how awesome you are.
Until next week,
~ Michael ~