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This is always a great time to reflect on the year and start planning what you want from next year.
a) How well do you learn from your past?
b) How effective are you at planning your upcoming year?
I have to say I always put in quality time with the reflection part and process through lessons life tried to teach me (I won’t claim I learned them all), but given what I ‘know’, I’m struck by how consistently my goals are wildly high every year – even after all these years.
I applaud my optimism, but at some point in the year it is demoralizing to see how far off I am from this perfect life where business is unprecedented, my relationships are all fabulous, and I look like someone who has eight hours to spend in a gym every day!!
The trick is to have something to measure that you aspire to and drives you as much as is possible.
It might be:
A goal
A habit
An identity shift: I am the type of person who is increasingly…
Your purpose
Your definition of true success
The wise target is to have an increasingly upward trajectory. The wise action over the holidays is to clarify the few key habits you want.
Almost no one lacks the desire at the start of the year. What often quickly goes wrong is a lack of identity shift (see the above question) and being inconsistent. This is why becoming clear about the most impactful habits serves you so well.
1. Here are some of my favorite reflection questions. TAKE YOUR PICK!
Reflect on the REALITY of your 2022. What are the facts about the different areas of your life? We can be masters of deceit at times like this. This is not for you!
a) Review your year and different areas of your life, then list 10 things (professional/personal) you would commend yourself for.
b) Knowing what you know now, if you were to start 2022 over again, what advice (professional/personal) would you give to yourself, one year younger? Write down at least 10 lessons life was trying to teach you (because it’s naïve to think we have engrained and mastered all these lessons. Many of us make the same mistakes every year.)
c) Who do you NOT want to be next year? (The type of person who…)
2. My monthly GPS system also is a useful activity at year-end. In 2023, what do you need to…
Stop (doing)?
(Do) Less?
Keep (doing)?
(Do) More?
Start (doing)?
Accept for 2023? (What realities are beyond your control and/or require significant patience?)
3. Aspirational targets:
a) What breakthrough/s do you want next year?
After you’ve written these down, ask: “Do I want these breakthroughs or are these someone else’s wishes for me? Which ones do I and I alone really want?” Make sure there are no ‘should do’s’ on your list because they might make someone else happy or proud.
b) What type of person do you need to be in 2023 for it to be a breakout year?
Preface it with the word ‘increasingly’ then brainstorm a list before deciding on no more than two: confident; focused; productive; healthy, present etc.
c) What power habit will prove that to your brain?
Only have 2-3 of these. They are your most impactful habits that get you the 80-20 Law results (80% of your results from 20% of your activity).
4. Optional: Deep targets (borrowed at some point from Robert Holden)
a) What does God (pick your universal power of choice) wish for me in 2023?
b) What does my soul want for me in 2023?
c) How will I follow my heart in 2023?
From all the above questions 1-4, now you’re ready to decide on your choice of guideposts for the year:
Goals – and if setting these never works for you, focus on monthly or quarterly goals or…
An identity shift: “I am the type of person who is increasingly…” (bold, organized etc)
Your purpose
Your definition of true success
Experiment. Modify like a GPS each month (use the questions in point 2) because life will often throw the unexpected at us. Enjoying a good life requires constant slight and frequent adjustment. Maybe that’s your paradigm shift: get as much clarity about what you want for the upcoming year that you can control, be inspired about that, and put touchpoints in your calendar to revisit and consider edits each month.
Wishing you an outstanding and deeply rewarding 2023!
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Founder & President
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