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The 4BAR™ is a pack-and-go must have for DJs, bands and other performers who want a complete LED wash light system. This 15-channel DMX system includes a three-pedal foot switch, adjustable tripod, packing bag and transport case. Each of the four low-profile lights can be positioned independently. With 108 red, green and blue LEDs per light, the 4BAR™ offers built-in automated and sound activated programs accessible with or without the foot switch.

* 15-channel DMX-512 LED wash light system
* RGB control of 4 separate lights
* Built-in automated programs via master/slave or DMX
* Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX
* Includes footswitch with 33ft cable, tripod with bag and transport case for lights

* Independent positioning of each light

* Low-profile lights are 1.7in deep

* Adjustable stand from 56in to 91in
* Trigger built-in static or automated programs (includes RGB fades)
* Instantly set any program to sound active
* Instantly blackout any program

* Beam angle: 21° (per light)
* Field angle: 33° (per light)
* Lux: 980 @ 1m (per light)
* Light source: 432 (144 red, 144 green, 144 blue) 10mm LEDs (108 per light)
* Power and current: 120V, 60Hz: 48W, 0.4A operating, 0.8A inrush
* AC power: Autoswitching 100-240V 50/60Hz
* Weight: 29lbs (13.2kg) (includes footswitch)
* Size: 47in x 91in
1193mm x 2311mm