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Five Effects, One Ferocious Party Starter!

Eliminator Lighting is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its exciting new Furious Five RG. Offering exceptional portability and value for money, it combines five high-impact entertainment lighting effects into one lightweight and compact fixture. Delivering piercing laser beams, intense white strobe and multi-colored moonflower effects alongside wide UV and colored washes, it is a one-stop party starter!

The Furious Five RG generates an all-in-one high-energy lightshow that combines color, movement and a variety of different effects all in one easy to setup and use unit. Capable of delivering a varied standalone lightshow, this one fixture on its own is enough to fill a small room with vibrant lighting effects, while multiple units can be linked together for larger spaces or DMX control can be used to integrate the effects into a larger lighting setup.

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At the very center of the fixture is a laser aperture which projects countless diffracted beams generated from two laser diodes (70mW green and 100mW red). In a haze-filled room the laser effect will create a blaze of piercing midair beams, while if smoke or haze effects can’t be used the myriad of dancing  laser dots projected on the floor will be equally impressive.

Surrounding the central laser aperture are 81 x white SMD 5730 LEDs, which form the strobe element of the lightshow. The LEDs are arranged in six concentric circles and, when flashed on and off in unison, they create a dramatic high-intensity strobe effect. In addition, each ring of LEDs can also be controlled independently, which allows for the creation of eye-catching chase patterns.

Spread on each side of the central strobe panel are 6 x 3-Watt 4-in-1 (red, green, blue, white) LEDs, three on the left and three on the right. When illuminated together these generate wide washes in vibrant colors, with full color mixing allowing the four primary LED elements to be combined at any intensity to create a wide gamut of possible hues. Alongside the colored LEDs are 4 x 3-Watt CREE UV LEDs (two on each side) that create the classic ‘blacklight’ effect. When activated, these cause white and florescent materials to glow intensely.

Finally, on either side of the fixture are two moonflower lenses, which each utilize 8 x red, 6 x green, 6 x blue and 6 x white 5mm LEDs. These can project animated dot patterns onto a wall or floor, while if used in conjunction with a smoke or haze machine they can also generate impressive mid-air effects.

The Furious Five RG is easy to store and transport, measuring just 18” x 7” x 6.5” (LxWxH) and weighing in at only 8 lbs. It features a variable angle bracket that can be used to hang the fixture from a T-bar stand, goal post or truss, which locks securely in place via a pair of plastic thumb-tightening screws.

Offering an easy to use and setup standalone lightshow, the fixture will run automatically through its in-built programs either at a user-set speed or triggered by the beat of the music detected by an internal microphone. If multiple Furious Five RG units are in use, they can be easily linked together to create a larger synchronized lighting setup.

DMX control is also supported by the fixture, with a choice of two channel modes available (11 or 24). This allows users to select and configure one or more of the five available effects, either to trigger them on cue when used alone or to integrate the Furious Five RG as part of a larger lighting system. A four-character LED display and four corresponding push buttons located on the rear of the unit allow for easy mode selection and DMX addressing.

“For the Furious Five RG, we’ve packed not two, not three, not four, but five impressive lighting effects into one small and easy to use fixture,” comments Albert Parades, Product Manager for Eliminator Lighting. “The combination of laser and moonflower beams, with separate multi-colored and UV washes, as well as a dedicated strobe, means that this one fixture alone can deliver a complete and impressive lightshow. Add to that the ability to link multiple fixtures in a primary/secondary setup to fill larger spaces, and comprehensive DMX control over all five effects, and the result is a truly versatile multi-effect lighting fixture.”

The Furious Five RG offers a genuine ‘one-stop-shop’ lightshow that will fill a small space with a wide variety of impressive effects. It is also extremely versatile, suitable for use in larger venues combined in multiples or alongside other fixtures. It is ideal for use by mobile DJs and entertainers as well as for installation in entertainment centers, jump parks, roller rinks, bars, and nightclubs. Wherever a party atmosphere is needed, the Furious Five RG can deliver!

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