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Peavey Electronics® introduces the Aquarius AQ™ Series Enclosures, representing an evolution of speaker technology. A culmination of Peavey’s 50-plus years of engineering experience and an ideal combination of reliability, performance, and value, the AQ Series delivers an increase in power while using less power to create more output. The result is an environmentally friendly design that doesn’t reduce output and reliability. Lightweight, efficient, and offering the modern features users require, the Aquarius AQ Series is competitively priced and ready to meet the demands of today’s consumers.
The AQ Series debuts with two models: the Peavey AQ 12 and AQ 15, the key difference being a heavy-duty 12-inch woofer versus a 15-inch woofer. The woofer has a warm, punchy sound made possible by a built-in dynamic bass boost function that provides the maximum amount of bass in a small package. Sonically, Peavey’s components are world-class, and a peek under the steel grille shows why. The DX™ 14 compression driver tweeter, with 1.4 inch titanium diaphragm, is coupled to a 110 by 80 degree coverage Quadratic Throat Waveguide™. This original Peavey design provides smooth, even response, low distortion, and good high frequency dispersion.
Each fan-cooled unit features a dependable bi-amped power section that provides a total 1000W of peak available dynamic power with signal compression to prevent audible overload. There’s 670W peak available for the woofer and 330W peak for the tweeter. Both amplifiers feature sophisticated signal compression, virtually eliminating power amplifier clipping. A low-noise fan provides cooling for reliable operation under any conditions.
Both AQ Series speakers have advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP), providing a crossover function, driver limiting, and the driver EQ to enable the speaker system to provide an accurate and neutral sound for any music. The DSP processing uses 56 bit double-precision for accurate and transparent sound processing, and the input/output sections use a 48 kHz sampling rate at 24 bits for maximum fidelity. Low-jitter clocking and professional grade components ensure superb sound quality.
On each speaker’s back panel, six EQ presets are accessed via a one-knob rotary selector switch. The six presets are Live Music, Club/DJ, Stream/Playback, Monitor, Acoustic, and Voice. There’s a balanced TRS quarter-inch input, which can connect to a mixer or an output from a media player, and a balanced XLR input, which allows for linking of additional speaker systems or feed of the signal to a powered subwoofer. A dynamic microphone can be connected directly via the XLR input and accessed via the Mic/Line switch. Alternatively, a Bluetooth signal can be streamed in, with a separate control for signal level adjustment. These features make the AQ Series ideal for sound reinforcement, public address, side fill system, karaoke, or musical playback.
The AQ 12 and AQ 15 have light yet durable injection-molded plastic enclosures, with a 1 ⅜-inch molded-in pole mount for live music or PA sound. The trapezoidal cabinet has three handles, and two extra angled sections on either side allow for use as a floor monitor. A full length black powder-coated perforated steel grille provides system protection and a professional appearance.
Overall, the AQ Series’ contemporary design and excellent performance offer a highly desirable combination. Thanks to Peavey’s testing and certification process, users can be assured that these speakers are safe and reliable in a number of environments.
MSRP $599.99 for AQ 12 and $699.99 for AQ 15.
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