The most comprehensive review of the new Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 on YouTube.

00:00 Intro to the CDJ-3000
01:53 First Impressions
09:25 Setting Up the CDJ-3000
11:37 Screen Overview
13:27 Screen – Library Functions
22:35 Screen – Short Cut Menu
23:40 Screen – Waveforms
26:37 Screen – Touch Preview & Touch Cue
30:22 Hot Cues & Hot Loops
33:09 Slip Mode
36:01 Beat Jump & Beat Loop
38:08 Key, Key Shift & Key Sync
43:40 Sound Quality
44:25 Utility Menu
47:01 Jogwheel Displays
48:38 CDJ-3000 Conclusion

In this detailed, hour-long Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 review, talkthrough and demo, learn about the new Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 media player.

Discover all the new features like the screen, key sync, beat jump, the new hot cues, changes to the jogwheels, library improvements and more. and learn what it HAS got… and what it hasn't that we think it should. At the end, we give you our view on whether it's a winner or not…

Full written review on Digital DJ Tips:

James Hype DJ performance on the CDJ-3000:

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