Pioneer DJ's DJM-S11 replacement for the DJM-S9 has SCORES of new features, but we've distilled it down to the 12 things you NEED to know about this exciting new Serato & Rekordbox 2-channel scratch performance mixer, in this first review of the Pioneer DJ DJM-S11.

1:00 The Touchscreen
2:12 Design improvements
3:08 Four-deck control
4:36 “Deck Move” function
6:26 “Dual Deck” function
8:28 Touch FX
10:07 USB-A hub
10:50 Silent Cue & Gate Cues
13:31 Beat Jump & Pad Combos
15:23 DJing without touching the laptop
16:33 Smooth Echo Button & Ducking Echo
21:46 Scratch Bank
25:00 Other things you should know
26:00 Bonus: Day mode!

This is a first-look review of the Pioneer DJ DJM-S11, where we'll help you see the difference between it and the Rane Seventy-Two, as well as what's changed from the DJM-S9 (hint: a lot). A full review and performance tutorial will follow as we get more acquainted with the unit.

You can read the written version of this video here:

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