Pioneer DJ's DJM-V10 digital DJ mixer is the first in a new series of products, aimed at audiophile DJs and those with more complex mixing, routing and performing needs than average; the kind of DJs for whom the DJM-900NXS2, for instance, may seem a limiting choice, capable though that mixer is.

As such, it is Pioneer's answer to the mixers of Allen & Heath, and especially to the PlayDifferently ModelOne, offering a large array of inputs, outputs and routing options, giving an unprecedented level of control and myriad options for workflow customisation.

We take a deep dive into the DJM-V10 in this review.

1:20 – Overview
5:30 – Filters
7:13 – Send FX
12:34 – Mixer
16:20 – Beat FX
20:22 – Inputs and outputs
22:22 – Final thoughts

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