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Playing back to back sets can be a lot of fun, but what happens when you have to play with a DJ you don't know? Let's talk about it.

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Amsterdam born DJ / producer Uncas “DJ TLM” Huges has been rocking crowds at clubs, festivals, and corporate/private events for over 26 years. The DJ is best known for his ability to incorporate turntablism into his club sets. He also performs as a tour DJ for Dutch platinum selling Hip Hop artist Brainpower. They have done 3500 shows in the last 21 years and still perform regularly.

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Uncas “DJ TLM” Huges has been an online content creator since 2008. He started DJ TLM TV in 2011 and his motto is “share the knowledge”. He educates and motivates people through his DJ tutorials, product/tech reviews, podcasts, vlogs, tips & tricks, and other content. He currently has a global following of 155.000 subscribers on YouTube.

The DJ TLM TV channel and the #sharetheknowledge podcast are all about authenticity, positivity, quality and providing value.

Starting in Q4 of 2019, TLM is expanding the range of content in order to teach DJs about the importance of creating audio and video content to enhance their careers. Things like music production, creating promo videos, live-streaming, podcasting, social media posts, etc.
TLM: “I've always been interested in new technological developments that can help DJs/artists/producers and I want to show my audience what kind of products they can use”.

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