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Practice your cuts and scratches with DJ TLM. Taking it from some basic scratches to a bit more advanced. Follow along or create your own patterns. Enjoy!

DJ gear used in this video (Amazon affiliates links):
Denon DJ VL12 Prime turntable:
Rane 72 scratch mixer:

Download the beat: link will be posted in Monday's newsletter.

Gear used to shoot this video (Amazon affiliates links):
– Tokina 11-16 f2.8 (zoom lens)
– Canon M50 kit with EF-M15-45mm lens (my vlog camera)
– GoPro Hero 5

The Saturday Sessions series consists of interactive scratch session videos that are partially filled by TLM (scratching over the beat), and the other parts are left empty so you can scratch over those parts from the comfort of your own home.

You can try to copy the scratches performed by TLM, but you can also use your imagination and create your own scratch patterns. And the great thing is you can repeat the video and do different patterns every time!

As a bonus, TLM also offers a free download of the beat that was used in the video, just to give you the option to scratch over the beat non stop by yourself.

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Enjoy the video and share the knowledge!

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