For the professional DJ who desires and deserves the best, there is the Stanton SDH 6000 PRO headphone, with large 50 mm drivers in an over-ear design. The SDH 6000 PRO combines the excellent quality in sound and a slick, modern design in a single product. The headband is provided with leather and the ear cups have anodized aluminum. With the blue LED ring on the earcups, which can be switched on and off, you add extra color to your performance.

SDH 6000 PRO: SKAA technology
You can use the SDH 6000 Pro wired with one of the supplied cables. But, it is also possible to use the SDH 6000 PRO wirelessly with pretty low latency, which is truly innovative in the DJ world. Stanton achieved this by using SKAA technology. SKAA is a wireless HiFi standard that works even well in environments where Bluetooth and WiFi are widely used. More freedom, more quality, more interaction! That is the SDH 6000 PRO!

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