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“HI! How are you? Well…it’s about 2 weeks before your reception….can we go over your Wedding Party names?”
Unfortunately, this is the conversation many DJs have around that time before the reception. The sad reality is that they booked that bride and groom about 10 months ago. What happened to communication from month 10 to 2 weeks before? Answer: it was nonexistent.
Why? Why does it have to be that way? It doesn’t. In fact, you are LOSING REFERRALS for every reception that you perform this way. How? How can that be you say….I didn’t perform the reception yet and they haven’t seen what I can do. The answer is that your process BEFORE the performance can also earn you referrals. Think about it. How many brides have friends who are also getting married at the same time? Let’s look at this from the brides’ perspective.
Brides talk…some way more than others, but they do. So what if you are giving GREAT customer service with your bride, discussing ideas for the flow of the event, making fun suggestions for a surprise later in the evening, sending her forms to personalize her event. Her girlfriend hasn’t seen or heard from her DJ since he got her check and hasn’t even thought about the planning aspect. They talk at a friend’s house one night and now the second bride is a little upset that she hasn’t heard from her DJ while yours is raving about you and how much you have helped her. Do you think the second bride may be having second thoughts? Meanwhile your bride is talking you up to all of her friends.
Now let’s look at this from the DJ’s perspective. What are they doing differently? The first DJ has a plan and is working it. He follows up with his clients monthly or bi-monthly, thanks to his amazing tools with (shameless plug). His bride stays informed with wedding tips sent to her email address, the groom gets ideas for how to shine on his wedding day. This DJ visits the bride, groom, her family and/or coordinator to ensure room layout is the best it can be for the day WAY in advance. He meets with the bride, groom and/or coordinator at least twice before the day to ensure that every last detail is covered, he has a planning checklist to go through and creates detailed agendas so everyone that is working together will know what to expect and when.
DJ #2 never met the bride and groom until the wedding day. He wondered which bride was his when two limos pulled up out of the reception venue. He will likely “go through the motions” at the event, performing this event JUST like he has done every event for his whole career. He never called the bride and groom in advance because “Hey….why do I need to? I’ve already got their money. That’s what I wanted.” He didn’t think that by helping his clients get what they want he can ultimately get what he wants.
The bottom line difference between these two DJs and the experience that these two brides will have at their reception is this: One DJ will care enough about the event to guarantee its success and sincerely wants to make his clients dream come true. The other just used it as a sales pitch to “get the sale” and will ultimately cheat his client out of once in a lifetime memories that could have been 100 times better if he had only CARED more about his client in the first place…and didn’t just look at her as a paycheck.
What can you DO to be better? Your challenge is to produce referrals not only as a result of your performance, but as a result of your planning and customer service. How many have you received lately based on that?