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Matt Anderson: The Referral Coach
Matt Anderson: The Referral Coach

Any time I need some extra motivation, I listen to a Brian Tracy audio. On Friday I picked up his Psychology of Achievement and would like to share what is, ultimately, a tremendous guide for living well.

1.   Peace of mind

This is about living free from fear, guilt and anger. There is a direct correlation between how much control we feel we have in life and our mental health.

It is about being able to sleep at night knowing that you are doing your best in life.

2.   Good health and high energy

You are already painfully aware of this.

If you’re not where you want to be:

a)    It’s okay to put yourself first – you are not much good to others (including business clients) if you are burned out and on the verge of sickness. It’s about saying no to something else that you tell yourself is more urgent.

b)    See yourself as a prize horse that must be well taken care of in order for you to do yourself justice

c)    This is about self-discipline.

Remember that successful people do the things unsuccessful people do not feel like doing either!

3.   Loving relationships

For many years I struggled to address this area of my life. I would read number 3 and I would wince. I would bury myself in more work to numb the emotional pain.

Sometimes our past impacts us in ways we do not understand. Sometimes we need the insights of experts. And sometimes books are not enough. We need interaction with a class, therapist or coach.

Western culture is almost obsessed with the concept of individualism. While this has many strengths, avoiding intimacy is one example of the negative extreme. Workaholism is another. I will never forget the moment I read in Robert Holden’s Success Intelligence:

“At the heart of excessive individualism is a broken heart.”

I knew I had read something powerful, yet it still took me a year to reach out and ask for help from others.

4.   Freedom from financial worries

This topic also requires a book! The amount will vary from person to person. Try T. Harv Eker, John Assaraf, Wayne Dyer, and Joe Vitale for great ideas.

5.   Worthy goals and ideals

What are your goals for the year?

Brian Tracy comments: “We perform consistent with our self-concept. We earn a living consistent with our self-concept.” Therefore, spend more time focusing on ways to like yourself more.

Otherwise, how can you expect different results? You cannot outperform your self-concept! Like most positive outcomes in life, improving in this area takes frequent, small steps. Acknowledge yourself for what you are doing right and for who you are being.

6.   Feeling that you are fulfilling your potential

You, not our culture, must decide what brings you fulfillment. Everyone’s best varies.

Listen to what’s inside you. Dream a little. Think bigger. Listen to your heart. Here’s some wonderful advice from Robert Holden:

Even though life can be difficult, heartbreaking and insane at times, the only way to really succeed is to keep saying, ‘yes’ to what moves your soul.

What moves your soul?