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What's the best way to record your mixtape? One take or track by track?

Today's tip is to treat your mixtape like a studio recording project (or album) and record it track by track.

Why? Your mixtape is your promo tool/business card so you want it to be as ‘clean' as possible. Recording track by track allows you to monitor the entire process and adjust anything you want to and make the final product better.

To me it would only make sense to record in one take if it's an actual live recording in a live setting. When you play in front of a crowd you get feedback and this is your fuel during a live set.

When you're in a studio you are not playing in front of a crowd so there won't be any feedback and you will not perform the same way you would during a real live set.

In the upcoming part of my Making the Mixtape series I will show you my track by track recording process so stay tuned for that.

Enjoy the video and share the knowledge!

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