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I go to Las Vegas 20 times a year when the economy is normal – 10 times a year over the past two years.
Times are not normal.
But I’m here this week delivering four seminars in three days.
Las Vegas is the seminar capital of the United States – by far. It’s also the hotel capital of the United States, it’s also the gambling capital of the United States, and it’s also the entertainment capital, the shopping capital, and the eating capital.
Oh sure, some people will argue with me about one thing or another I just mentioned, but that’s just because they don’t come here 10 times a year and witness the magnitude of choices on any given night.
Last night we went to see Joan Rivers. 77-year-old Joan Rivers. 77-year-old, funny-as-hell Joan Rivers. She was not just funny; she was also rehearsed and polished, and her timing was impeccable. Hopefully, each of you reading this will be as mentally clear at age 77 as Joan Rivers is.
Through her rough language and somewhat abrasive style, she talked for two hours about the attractiveness of celebrity. Yes, she dropped a lot of other celebrity names as friends of hers, but I (and the others assembled) was willing to take her word for it.
About 750 people were attracted to the Joan Rivers’ performance – at somewhere between $89-$199 per ticket. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Happy to pay the money.
And when we left the performance, there were thousands of other people in the Venetian Casino and