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The DDJ-REV7 is a new flagship DJ controller for Serato and Pioneer DJ, aimed at both scratch/battle DJs and open-format DJs who’d prefer a turntable-inspired system. Its motorised platters are best in class, with unique built-in screens. Its overall size, layout and build quality give it a similar feel to using a pro separates scratch set-up. The niggles are minor – this is a fantastic controller.

00:00 Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 introduction
00:21 Exclusive DJ Jazzy Jeff demo
01:14 Overview
02:23 Decks overview
03:32 Built-in screens
04:17 Screen modes and scrubbing
05:11 Stop & start time controls
05:53 Extra deck controls
07:07 Instant Scratch function
08:53 “Extra” performance pads
10:10 Utility menu
10:59 Mixer overview
12:54 Effects overview
13:19 Hardware effects
14:34 Software effects
16:58 Performance pads
19:17 Front panel controls
20:22 Rear panel inputs and outputs
21:37 Summary
23:43 One drawback…

Electro Voice
Perfect Portals
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