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Let me address upfront that I am not a new ageist. In fact, I am a Christian not afraid to study other movements to garner insight into living a more spiritual existence. I watched the movie the secret which as we all know has generated a lot of press. If you haven’t seen it, I’d say it’s a neat examination of the law of attraction. The one stumbling block people have however is that the producers and the guests on the movie not only suggest but say, “think it and it will come to be.” Well, that is certainly grounds for trashing the dvd if you don’t get what it is they fail to articulate. What they fail to articulate is that you need to not only think it but you need to believe it. That is the true secret and there is a critical difference.
When I was first starting out in a business of my own, at the age of eighteen, I thought I was a smart businessman. I not only thought it privately but wasn’t afraid to express it publicly (think cocky 18 year old). What I had was a strong opinion of myself. What I lacked was truly believing what I said. It wasn’t until several businesses and many bumps and bruises that I finally believed it, for it was experience that gave me my knowledge. It was then that my belief gave me the confidence to begin helping others with their businesses. It was then that I became an author. It was during the tumbling process that I realized with true strength comes humility.
Think about the first time you offered your product or service. To those around you, you acted like you knew what you were doing but inside you knew you didn’t. Now however after years of experience you believe it. You really believe you are good at what you do – a true pro. If you don’t, it may be a reason your business is still struggling.
In the marketing realm one of the 3 most important factors to selling what you have is giving the prospect a reason to believe that you are the solution to their problem. You need to “own that belief” before you can sell it with conviction. As a business coach with 20 plus years of experience in a variety of industries, I say with conviction that I am great at what I do.
We are feeling creatures. We do nearly everything for the feeling it provides despite the fact data may point us elsewhere. For example a smoker is fully aware of the data on smoking. They know it’s bad for them but the problem is, it feels good. Guess which of these wins out? The feeling wins out because our feelings dictate our actions ninety percent of the time. In fact I could argue one hundred percent because somewhere your belief, still tied to your feeling, was a catalyst for the action. With this in mind recognize, that what you say is simply data. Your beliefs however are born of feelings and at the end of the day, your beliefs drive the bus.
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