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The Small Business bugaboo is not a dance or some new craze. It has been around since humans became entrepreneurs. If you have ever felt like you’re going in circles for days months or years with your business, there is a high likelihood you have the bugaboo. Of all the things entrepreneurs struggle with, this would be near the top. Have you been running into a brick wall wondering why in the heck your business just isn’t moving forward? Have you been blaming your parents, your schooling or even God for the lackluster earnings?
The solution begins with a question. Here is the question you need to ask yourself. What is the one thing you know you should be doing to succeed? You may even know what it is but you have avoided it like the plague? What is that thing? What is the thing your successful competitors have been doing that you keep neglecting?
•Maybe it’s cold calling.
•Maybe it’s joining some networking organizations or for that matter attending and working the one you already joined long ago.
•Maybe it’s returning calls within 24 hours, sending referral cards or requesting assistance from a colleague.
•Maybe it’s learning a new skill. Maybe it’s planning your business strategy.
The truth is — you probably know what it is. You may have seen how it works for other entrepreneurs but you keep avoiding it because it feels too much like a mountain you’d rather not climb. Maybe, you are spending lots of time coming up with other things to fill your day and avoiding various business details because you know it will require a lot of effort and focus. I avoided for nearly 2 years setting up my website to do more than just exist as an expense. I just didn’t want to face the effort and focus that was going to be needed to sell my products. I had done all the hard work by creating them and really deep down felt people should just buy it. Though really I knew better. I didn’t want to sit down and focus on what needed to be done. Can someone say ADD? The logical result was my site didn’t sell. My offline coaching career was soaring but if I was ever going to have a website that produced I would have to put the time into it. It took me 40 to 50 hours of creativity and effort (and much more to come) but I can already see the difference in my success online. I still have a lot to do but the nuts and bolts are in place. As I mentioned in a previous article – persistence is the greatest barrier to success, so persist I will until it is done and until I reach the level of success online I know I am capable of.
One of my clients, a real estate investor, has been struggling for many months with too much money going out and not enough coming back in. He and his partner recognized the need to sell some liabilities but were not taking the time to do so. Instead, they were spending their time focused on a way to earn what looked like a quick buck doing “subject to’s” in a market where people were and are very upside down. In a market where property values are heading south really quickly. Despite all their intelligence and real-life experience, they seemed to keep driving into this wall over and over. When I asked them if they had been neglecting the selling of these properties hoping the problem would just go away, they both admitted yes. We all neglect something in our business lives (or otherwise) and until we take it on, the problem will remain or we will lose the potential of what it could have been completed.
Reply to me in my blog with some things that you’ve been neglecting in your business. Things that if you faced them, and took them on would make a world of difference.
Here is the link to my blog – . I am happy to take on your questions. Remember, my roots are 16 years mobile dj. I can talk your talk because I’ve walked the walk.
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Dan Nichols is a professional business coach and published author based in Michigan. He also has 16 years experience as a mobile dj. As a coach he helps his clients discover which steps to take next to grow their business. or by phone at 248-541-0250.

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