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Rick Brewer
Rick Brewer
I am a big fan of cooking shows, even to the point of enjoying watching old Julia Childs shows that were initially made years ago. So every once in a while, I will see a new spin on a classic recipe. These little twists will give the recipe new life, better flavor, and a method of cooking that is different enough to provide a big difference in the result.
Watching these experts perform this demonstration that seems so easy is always packed with three things:
1) Lots of failures. They make a lot of items that flopped
2) Lots of practice- they make this recipe time and time again to make sure they can perform as requested when on TV
3) Lots of testing- they try it from every angle and measure exactly what they do each time.
Like cooking- if we had the perfect cake recipe, we could make it quickly, skip over all of the trials, the failure, and the practice, and skip straight to the successful result with little effort compared to what the experts have to go through. Think about it- the perfect recipe to be perfected has a lot that goes into it:
1) Finding the right ingredients (these chefs search the world over to find new and exciting ingredients that will bring a little “zing” or “zip” to the ordinary dish
2) The right amount of ingredients- many times, this can be a trying process as the “3 Bears” theory of cooking (too much, too little, just right) takes a bit to reach
3) The order in adding the ingredients- sometimes adding the ingredients at different points brings a different result
4) The time of cooking
5) The temperature of cooking
6) The accouterments (what to serve on the side, on the top, garnishes, etc.)
7) They write it down- Imagine that you do all this work and you forget to write it down- you will have to go through the steps again.
Like cooking, we can bake up a recipe for our marketing like the expert chefs do by spending our time, money, and energy looking for the “Too Little, Too Much, just right” Formula or…..
We can get a recipe from an expert who has gone through the process already.
Many times as small business owners, we find ourselves needing more clarification on what the next step is regarding our business. Unfortunately, that is common in the wedding industry. We are not sure what to do, so we may stand still sometimes, which gets us nowhere.
Another commonality in the wedding industry is; We are all great technicians and have the necessary training and expertise to perform what we do to provide our service or product.
Many, however, could be better at the business stuff. This business stuff is the crucial stuff that keeps us in business.
I need your full attention, for marketing and selling can be very EASY if you have the right recipe. There are multitudes of local competitors who are not only doing what you would like to be doing but excelling at it.
They are growing their businesses in a down/sluggish economy, and they are making great money doing it. As a result, they have focused on the sales and marketing component of their business. In this focus, those most excited and seeing the best growth are eager for more information. They are searching for new ways to do things, consistently seek out better learning, and almost always have a stack of books they read.
Ironically, those who show up at my seminars, purchase my CDs, and seek me out for more consulting are already doing very well. Suppose you are one of these folks- congratulations. I know that by seeking out solutions, you will find them. You will always do better by having this attitude rather than an attitude of “I can’t afford to buy a book” or simply ignoring the problem (maybe people ignore the problem because it seems too big, and by ignoring the problem, they feel it will go away- just for reference….. It won’t)
Money is tight everywhere, but do all you can to improve and develop your recipe. I rarely have someone say, “Rick, I want your stuff but cannot afford it.” If someone were to approach me like this, I would be happy to help them, maybe by setting up a payment plan that fits both of us. Unfortunately, most people assume it is impossible and don’t even ask.
By The Way- the perfect recipe for a cake- I haven’t found it yet, so until I do, I will keep going to Macaroni Grill for their Chocolate cake with chocolate sauce on top!