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Matt Anderson
Matt Anderson
1. The most useful thing I can share as we launch into the last surge of the business year is to revisit the question:
What type of person do I need to BE?

I love this question because it forces our brains to focus on what is most important. Of all the noble character traits, which one matters most for you to have the best possible rest of the year?

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When I asked this of Becky a couple of years ago, she said: “I need to feel more confident. I’m sure that would help me the most.” That became her new ‘identity’: increasingly confident.

2. Whatever the answer is for you, whether it’s increasingly bold, focused, or organized, the second step is to think about the power habit you want to commit to that proves to your brain you’re becoming this type of person. My definition of power habit is picking an action that has a skewed positive outcome on your life, like the 80-20 Law. It could be exercise, a date night, or your most impactful prospecting/business activity.

Since confidence is such a broad topic where we might feel quite confident in one area of our life – such as key relationships – but undermined by business being slower than we’d like, I recommended that Becky list out 15 things that increased her confidence and 10 things that lowered it. From this increased awareness, she was better able to start doing a few more things that bolstered her confidence and avoid (or face head on) some of the things that weren’t making her feel good.

The power habit we landed on was: 1 stretch ask/week.

The definition of ‘stretch’ is purely subjective – whatever gives you butterflies. Within 2-3 weeks, she had already extended that to two stretches asks, then three. It’s a slightly risky power habit because with big asks, it usually takes 6-18 months to see any outcomes, which is a long time for most people to wait. It’s quite easy to get discouraged. But Becky believed this kind of weekly challenge would be good for self-respect and building confidence to show her: “I can do the hard yards.”

When I texted Becky a couple of weeks ago, she landed a couple of good-sized clients and had $90m in her pipeline. Her tenacity to keep on keeping on is now looking extremely promising. Her outstanding results are now a matter of time. Another of my past clients, Brian, had to wait about 18 months before a stranger he invited to an event became a client with $80m to invest.

My answers to these questions are? Increasingly resourceful and increasingly loving.

Often it’s support and accountability that are missing to make these ambitions real; sometimes, there are things we don’t know we don't know that keep us spinning our wheels. In response to this, I’m offering a 4-week habits program called: The Money Habit and a 6-week prospecting program called: Get More and Better Referrals. Look out for the info on these in my newsletter and on LinkedIn or ping me an email:

To becoming who you were born to be!

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