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Rachel Lynch: taking weddings seriously
Donnie Lewis: thinking about retirement in your 20s, taking better care of your equipment and gear and getting the right hauling tools
Mitch Taylor: take care of your money for retirement,
Scott Carroll: being prepared for your events, preplanning,
Chris Hintz: Document everything, creation of procedures
Randy Bosley: Attend some training
Howie Darkstar: keep the ego in check as a younger person, learn how to do business right
Eric Harris: Get to an event even earlier; to be ready, and prepared before needed, sharing with other local DJs, taking a small business course
Jodi Harris: Make Connections early in your career, associations, networking
Jimmy DePalma: Pay attention to your health.. diet, physical activity, no after club
Reggie Kempf: stay away from the alcohol
Brent Robertson: Get the business set up correctly and learn how to do that with your business side of thing.

Things I Should Have Told My Younger DJ Self DJ Room Hangout on #DJNTV