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TikTok songs and dances are very much a part of our culture. It can be tough for a mobile DJ to incorporate into events for several reasons, one being that the well-known snipet of a TikTok famous song is probably only 10-20 seconds. Most people don't want to hear the entire song (and probably, most never have). Plus it is extremely difficult to quick mix 20 second segments! To make things even more difficult, someone requesting a TikTok song may only know a few words or the dance moves and not the song title or artist — so just finding the song can be tough.

In this video, I give an idea to help you proactively bring the fun of TikTok into your sets and events. This will help avoid getting lots of real-time requests for TikTok songs at the DJ booth. It will help you connect to your younger audiences who spend lots of time in TikTok either watching videos or replicating and posting the dances.

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The idea is to create what I'm calling a “TikTok Block” — a pre-made short set of 4-5 TikTok famous songs. In the video, I show a simple way to make these for yourself. Here’s a sample from the songs I mention in the video:

I also include a quick tip on finding TikTok songs if you have trouble.

Content provided by Kevin Summers, owner and DJ at Smilestones DJ Services (

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