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Now What…
If you are a regular reader of The Disc Jockey News, you probably know that after getting married last summer, I thought it would be fun to write a series of articles about what it’s like to plan a wedding with the knowledge and experience of 20 plus years in the mobile entertainment business. It’s been a lot of fun to be on the other side, and really, what’s not fun about playing the role of the “expert” and pointing out the bad, the good, and the cool things about other services and vendors?
Let’s be honest, it’s pretty easy to look at someone else and point out what you think they are doing wrong or right. They say hindsight is 20/20, like “Monday Morning Quarterback” syndrome… Who didn’t see that Brett Farve interception coming in overtime of the Vikings vs. Saints NFC Championship game? It was totally obvious… from my couch!
Well, tonight as I sit at my computer, in the 11th hour of the Disc Jockey News writing deadline, once again playing the role of the “expert,” I realize… I got nothin’. Now, if you were to ask my lovely wife, she would point out that I am an “expert” at pretty much nothing, except making a mess in the kitchen when she is not home, (can you feel the love?), if that’s not enough to revoke my “expert” status I would refer you to my NCAA Basketball brackets.
I like to think that I have been around the block enough times in this business to know a few things that can be helpful to other DJs and Entertainers. With 23 years of Mobile DJ experience, 15 years of “On-Air” radio experience, advertising, marketing, and loads of management and training experience sprinkled in, you would think that it wouldn’t be too hard to label myself as an “expert”. But, what about me, does that mean it’s too late for me to learn, expand, or grow? NO! I decided I should take a lesson from one of my own articles and remind myself of what I can do to make MYSELF better. I always point out how the entertainment business is an ever-changing and evolving industry. The people and companies that succeed are always looking for ways to improve.
After Tiger Woods made a name for himself as the number one in the golf world in the late 90s, he completely reworked and changed his swing to improve it. While I am not sure how he found the time to do this with all of his “extra friends,” he knew he could be better if he kept working. If the best golfer in the world feels the need to keep working to improve, shouldn’t I?
One thing I learned from working in radio is that there is no need to worry about your neighbor's yard till your yard is in order… that, and there is a clichéd analogy for everything if you look hard enough.
So I go back to last month's article and ask myself, What do I do that sets me apart? Why am I better? Who can I learn from to get better? There is no better time for improvement than right now. I think it’s this time of year when we start to go a little stir crazy. Winter has been hanging around too long, and in most parts of the country, Wedding season has not kicked into full swing yet, and we find ourselves with a great opportunity to work on improving.
I can use this slow time to work on my mic skills at the bar and karaoke shows. I can look for an organization to join that will connect me with other DJs and entertainers where I can get and share ideas. Networking groups in my area will help me make more business contacts. I can make a better effort to go to other DJs shows and see what they do. These are all things that cost little or no money. I can invest financially in myself and my company by upgrading equipment or building an easier-to-assemble façade. I can take the time to attend workshops that will help me be a better speaker or actor or singer.
All of these things will help ME to get better and to keep working to improve. Even the little things will help because they keep the thought process working and help with confidence. All of these things lead to a better me, which will help me help you, by the way, if you are a regular reader of The Disc Jockey News….thank you.
Now if I could just figure out how to pick NCAA basketball winners…

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