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Wedding Tips for New DJs – Crushing Announcements and Introductions like a Boss.

In this video, I share a helpful tip for people who are newer to the World of Weddings as a DJ and are struggling with MC work like introductions and making announcements. Learning how to DJ and MC a wedding reception takes time and a ton of practice. One of the best ways to crush your introductions or announcements at a formal event like a wedding is to practice doing them out loud and in front of someone. This is kinda will get you on your way of being prepared for when the time comes for you to do them for real and in front of guests attending someone's wedding celebration.

Weddings, and many other formal events require knowledge of you not only playing music but how to properly make and host the introductions and announcments in a way that sounds good and fits your style and overall brand.

If you are a DJ looking to improve your wedding skills and advance in the mobile event industry, I would love to get your support here on this channel as the content is geared to teaching DJs lessons I have learned in my 20 plus years of being a social and nightlife DJ professional that has been part of some incredibly cool celebrations.

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