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Twenty one years ago my wife not only ended her high school athletic career but she left behind five track records and an athletic scholarship. She had mentioned to me a few days ago that her father, a coach and teacher at that school called to tell her that since the school consolidation and the naming of a new school, all her records were being wiped clean and the hall of fame pictures were coming down. She was understandably bothered by this but the truth is, that’s life. In fact, when your day arrives and life comes to an end people will gather together, swap a story or two and then say hey, “let’s go grab a beer”. Really, life goes on and on to the tune of “out with the old and in with the new”.
Achievements, awards, cars, clothes and stuff doesn’t last beyond you. It’s life’s bitter paradox yet we so often work for stuff which is not lasting at all. I am not trying to suggest we should all stop trying to be great but we do need to put things in perspective. The only damn thing in this world that will last is the love I give or don’t give to my family, friends and yes even my clients. Invest your time in the things that matter.
Though I too lose sight of what’s important from time to time in an effort to put food on our plates and feed my God size hole for recognition. I need to remind myself time and time again to address the needs of others and in that I will fill myself. I will fill myself because I will be surrounded by people whose love I have earned one call, one letter, one email, one text message (yep, even a text), one kind word and one smile at a time. I’m off now to give my girls a hug. One hug to the track star and the other to daddy’s little girl.
Dan Nichols is a professional business coach and published author based in Michigan. He also has 18 years experience as a mobile dj. He’s looking for some entrepreneurs to review free of charge his latest audio release “8 Degrees 2008”.

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